What is a belief? How do we get to believe? Do we ever question those beliefs that do not make any sense? Why do we need to hold on to a belief system about almost anything in life? Do beliefs control us?? Better yet – do we BELIEVE or do we KNOW?? Do we know the difference?

Ever thought where you got that strong knowledge about something just never knew where it originated from? I do.  I think like that about almost everything now.  When I was young, knowledge was fed to me, information was given to me, opinions were forced upon me, rules were enforced and laws were to be obeyed.  I am not against law and order. I am pro finding out for myself what makes sense to me.  Just because someone else decided that IT IS SO – does not mean that it actually IS.  I may sound contradicting and I know that.  I can tell you from living life on the edge that there must be some rules and laws to abide by for the safety of every human being.  We, humans, have the ability to destroy ourselves when our EGO is in charge.  Since we are capable of doing wrong, I agree that there needs to be a fear factor to keep us on our toes, thus preventing us from committing crimes and hurting each other – you would hope anyways.

Aside from that, everything else in our lives can be left to our own personal interpretation.   Every individual has the right to think, believe and know what they wish.  I write them in that order because that is the process we experience.  It all starts with a thought about anything and everything you can think of, followed by finding ways to prove and justify that we are right in thinking so, and we finalize the process by making it a belief.  That belief in turn becomes a reality (whether it actually is or just in our imagination) and so we begin to spread this knowledge among ourselves by finding various ways to solidify the idea and the more people follow, the wider it spreads and the more powerful it becomes to the point that no one dares to question – where this belief came from? let alone if it even has any merit. And so we all go on living believing in this and in that and very few people actually stop to think about the validity of that belief, not so much with the intention to rebel for the sake of being different, but to seriously try to understand why is it that we believe what we believe.

What is the harm in thinking differently anyway? Since when thinking for yourself became a crime? or abnormal for that matter…. We may be all brothers and sisters in the end, but do we all have the same brain? same life? same experiences? I can go on and on but I am sure you get my point. Even a better question to ask: why did we stop thinking for ourselves?And when did it start? Were we always like this? or are there factors in society that pushed matters to get to this point? Is this where civilization headed to? Being BRAIN WASHED!!!!

That is how I see it and I am in awe that we do not all see it. How do we miss the signs? I do not get it. Why are we so scared to speak up and say NO!! Why can’t we all be civil about our own opinions? Why can’t we choose our own paths in life without being judged? Why do we all have to follow the same myths that society is drowned in? Apparently, the only way to live normally is by going to school, graduating (preferably from a very expensive university where you will be in debt for the rest of your life to pay it back), find a good paying job (preferably in your degree), save up, buy a house, find a husband/wife, have kids, teach the kids, watch your kids grow through the same cycle, teach them all the beliefs that has been passed down from generation to generation and when they start to think for themselves you call them disobedient and rebels. You pretty much go through your whole life believing in what all your family, friends, neighbors, town, city, country, world believes in – and don’t you dare question any of it because that is what you are supposed to do – according to who??  beats me??

I know I may sound unhappy and I am, simply because I KNOW that we can be better than that if we only allowed ourselves to think clearly and not be afraid. I say that I KNOW this because I am a living proof of it and I also KNOW others who have chosen the same path.  You might ask: What PATH??

Let me tell  you, it is the path of finding the TRUTH …. the path of self discovery, the path to enlightenment, the path to a life with no limitations or lack, the path to prosperity, health, wealth, happiness – you name it.  The path to a life with hopes and dreams that can come true if you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF strong enough.  It all starts with a thought remember!!

Think that you can and you will – Believe that you can and you will – Know that you can and you will!!

May sound poetic to you and even maybe too good to be true and at the back of your head there is the voice of doubt that you have been used to all your life that says: don’t BELIEVE that!! it is not possible …. Well, I am here today to put in your face, so to speak, and tell you that: IT IS POSSIBLE – if you allowed yourself to believe so and one day you will KNOW so.  The difference between believing and knowing is huge. Some of you may think it is the same thing – it is not!  You KNOW when you have lived your belief – it is when there is not a shred of doubt in you.  And you know when you KNOW!  You feel it in your gut. You may not be able to explain why you know – you just do and you do not even feel the need to prove it to anyone because it was never about proving anything to anyone – it was always about YOU and what you choose to BELIEVE IN and the way you choose to live your life and knowing that no one and nothing can take away from you what you KNOW!!

I encourage you to question things that makes no sense to you

I urge you to let no fear come to you when you are being true to yourself

I hope that you feel comfortable in what you know by believing that you have every right to do so.

Some Quotes I would like to share:

“Fact of the matter is, there is no hip world, there is no straight world. There’s a world, you see, which has people in it who believe in a variety of different things. Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence.” ~~Frank Zappa~~
“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” ~~ Frank Lloyd Wright~~

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