Who knows what real freedom is? Do we know what it is like to be free? And Free from what exactly? Do we know how to use it, when and why? I am sad to share with you that not every person on this planet understands the meaning of the word. Some have totally abused it and some have never experienced it.

I write about this today in light of the recent events that have occurred in the world we live in. Whether you are living in a third world country trying to obtain freedom or in the most advanced place where freedom has taken a whole new meaning.

Is freedom the ability to do and say what we want when we want without any consequences? Is freedom earned or is it a right? Is freedom a choice? Is it a luxury to have? Is it free to have freedom or does it come with a price? Do we have to fight for it or should it just be a part of our lives? Is freedom actually a good thing?

I question the act of freedom as I observe the world struggling with applying the fundamentals of freedom and what it represents.  I grew up understanding freedom as the right I have as a human to speak the truth, speak my mind respectfully, speak and not be afraid that someone will kill me or put me in jail. I also grew up knowing that as a human being, I have rights to MY feelings, no one has the right to dictate to me how I should or should not feel.  That is up to me. I am free to be myself, to live my life as I wish it to be, as long as I am not causing harm to anyone else around me or to my country.  I have the right to CHOOSE the career of my choice, the clothes of my choice, the partner of my choice, the place where I want to live, the means that I choose to live by, all the things that makes a difference in MY life and no one else need to concern themselves with my choices.  In addition, I have the freedom to elect the person I think would be best to govern the country I live in, I have the freedom to object to major decisions taken by the politicians who are in charge respectfully and without violence or character bashing.

I feel I have my freedom, but I do not know where it came from. All I know is that I am free. Indeed free, but free with limits. The fact is that our reality is contradicting to our theory. Theory says, speak your mind and have no fear. Reality shows you better shut your mouth or else …. How sad is it?

I won’t deny that some people take the meaning of freedom and change it into means to justify their selfish actions, or even misunderstand the whole meaning of the word. Freedom is supposed to bring peace and harmony to one’s life. It should be a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of behaving, a way to bring dignity and pride in our lives.

Somehow, the world does not know how to apply this simple fundamental, whether it is taken too far or it is forbidden entirely.  I am not trying to sound pessimistic here but the reality is, freedom is only an illusion.  It is a word we use conveniently to suit our purposes or to convince our selves that we are in control of our lives and we do not live as slaves to those who are in power.  Money, greed and power are now the tools that control this world. We; humans, are now just like animals.  We have been given rules and laws that we must live by – or else … We are controlled in every possible way.  We are constantly being brainwashed by the simplest means and we do not even realize it. We are so programmed to believe things and people in certain authorities so blindly and we trust they say the truth and that they do want our best interest at heart.

Meanwhile, take a good look around you.  Where is peace? Where is happiness? Where is laughter? Where is serenity? These things only exist when you realize the truth of what is around you, when you open your eyes to reality, when you face life knowing the lies and deception. You know you are REALLY FREE when you follow your own good heart, when you have the peace and happiness you are looking for because you just know what is REALLY going on around you.  You are no longer a slave to society, you are no longer programmed to believe, you are no longer under the spell of money and material needs and the need to be in power.  At the end of the day, you KNOW what REALLY matters, is the people you love, those who you help without expecting anything in return, those whom you cherish even when they are gone, the real beauty of life around you: the birds, the sea, nature at its best.

I know I am free because I see things for what they are, not what they seem to be, and not what I am told is.  I am free because I trust in my gut feeling that tells me: “I am who I am, I will be what I choose to be, the world around me does exist the way it is, I do not have to exist with it the WAY it is.”

I stand by the sea-shore, the waves are coming towards my feet, I am playing in the sand with my feet, the sun is setting, taking a dip in the deep blue water far away, the colors are mesmerizing, the wind is blowing in my hair, I smell the sea breeze, I take a deep breath and as I exhale, I feel …… FREE.

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