There are those memories which we want to remember, and those we want to forget.  We all have both. Sometimes we want to hold on to the memories, other times we wish we can erase them.
What would we do if we didn’t have memories? How would we live? What kind of decisions would we make?
I wonder sometimes, do our memories from the past impact our present. Other than the fact that we recall certain emotions associated with our memories, what else can our memories do? How powerful are they? Well, I am a living proof that memories in fact do affect our present. And that is because we allow it to. I allow it to affect me today even though the memory was from yesterday. Why do I let my memories haunt me sometimes?Especially the bad ones. Why do I relive the pain? Do I enjoy being tormented? Or is that just me. I don’t know about you, but I think I have a serious problem here. I must be able to let my memories stay where they belong … In the past … Today is a new day. It’s God’s present to me.
Still I say, remembering good times and bad times keep us in check. It helps us not to stray or forget what we have been through and what we are capable of doing.  If we didn’t actually have those memories, we may repeat the same mistakes. We may not be able to decide what is good for us because we have no reference to compare to. Our memories unfortunately don’t separate, they go hand in hand; the good with the bad. I don’t think we can filter our brain to keep one and get rid of the other. However, once the bad memory hits us, we are to acknowledge it then let it go instead of feeling those unhealthy and bad emotions once again. If we managed to overcome the bad things the first time around and it is now part of our memory, then we can also manage to keep it locked away where it can do no harm.  Easier said than done. I know that all too well.  But it all starts by trying.
I have good memories, amazing memories. I have memories of childhood, memories of unforgettable family moments, memories with friends, memories with past romantic relationships, memories of my sweetest moments of my life, all the memories that makes me proud of who I am and the person I have become in this life. Memories shape me. Memories push me. Memories make me wanna be a better person to fulfill my life purpose. In other words, my memories keep me alive. I smile when I remember a moment that meant so much to me, I may even shed a tear or two, happy tears though. I am amazed and I am thankful that I was this happy at some point in the past. I realize how lucky I have been. Some people live unhappy almost all their lives, and here I am with at least one happy moment. Am I lucky then, or not? So why complain that I don’t have that moment now. What matters is that I lived it, even though it passed. I still have its memory, not only in my mind, but also in my heart. I thank those memories for filling my life. Filling up my book; the book I call my life. And the best part is, every new day that comes and passes by, is another memory in my book. I can’t wait to make a new memory tomorrow.

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