HOW COME – Poem BY: Rania F. E.


How can the one who brought happiness, brings sadness
How can the one who wiped away my tears, causes them one day
How can the one I gave my heart to, breaks it and walks away

How can a love so strong, dies so easily
How can a dream so real, turns into fantasy
How can a time so precious, becomes only a memory

How come the sun doesn’t shine anymore
How come the moon doesn’t smile at me like before
How come the rain doesn’t wash away the pain

How come the pain won’t go away
How come the tears won’t dry
How come the smile won’t come my way

How come my happily ever after never comes
How come my love story never lasts
How come my heart never mends

How come I keep asking these questions
How come I never find the answers
How come I never give up

Rania F. E.

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