What is Normal?

Is it normal to question what is normal? I mean why do we even have a standard called “normal”? Who decides what normal is anyway? And why do we feel the need to follow “the normal”? The questions may go on and on and we may not find the answers we are looking for.

I am one of those individuals who question almost everything, if you know me personally, then you probably understand. When I question, it is because something doesn’t make sense in that little brain of mine. I seek answers, I seek the truth, I am always in search for a hidden secret. I feel better knowing why things are the way they are. I like to get to the root of things. Let’s just say, I am more at peace when I question, and I find out I was right to question.

Now are my thoughts normal? Again I will say: Normal according to who? How did certain things become under the category of normal and when it’s the opposite….. Well, it becomes under the category of abnormal. How did we get to this point? It’s driving me crazy just thinking about it.

I grew up in a “normal” family, lived somewhat a “normal” life, ate “normal” food, was dressed in “normal” clothing, experienced “normal” things …. Yet, I am the farthest thing from being a “Normal Person”. Somewhere along the line, I no longer followed what was considered “normal”. According to some people anyway; who shall remain nameless. So why was I not normal anymore, that was because I stopped following what everyone else thought I should do or be. I started to become who “I” wanted to be. I started believing in what “I” wanted to believe in. I changed the way I was programmed to see things. I opened my eyes and my heart and I started to see and feel things I wouldn’t have if I continued being “normal”. I definitely wouldn’t be writing this piece and I would probably be a different person than the one I am today.

It seems to me that “being normal” is just a way to put fear in people’s minds that if they don’t follow the rules and guidelines of the society they live in, then they are considered an outcast and that they are wrong and may be even have to deal with the consequences for being different from the rest. We must all be the same, do the same, think the same, live the same, even die the same. We are supposed to accept what those in power say to us. We must abide by the laws that they have put in place that is for their best interest to keep the control and power. We must not question, how dare we? If we dare, we are rebels and trouble makers … Why? Because we are creating others to think .. And they don’t want us to think … Just follow … That’s all the people who made the rules want us to do …. Just follow blindly … And if you don’t …. Well … Your life will either be hell or you may no longer even have one.

This is the reality we live in, you can see it as close as your own family and as far as politicians and world leaders.  Everyone around you wants to fit in the society, everyone behaves within the norm. If you divert from it, then something must be wrong with you. How can you be different? They will question your sanity at some point and maybe even that you may be possessed.  It’s funny what people will accuse you of and it’s sad that they don’t realize that they are the ones who are living a lie, following like slaves, maybe not slaves physically, but slaves mentally.  They no longer own their own brain.  They live their whole lives following what the norm is supposed to be, step by step.

That’s how I see it anyways, I thought about it and I had to get to the root of why people are so blind? Why is everyone just following without questioning? Everyone is simply brain washed. People are living in constant fear. That’s the reality. It’s like there is a spell on mankind …. Some escape it or wake up from it after sometime. Some were born just to question what “normal” really is. I am one of them. I was brain washed from childhood, then, deep within, my voice was fighting to find freedom from bondage. And I guess I screamed loud enough.

I refuse to be controlled by anything or anyone. I am my own person. I will live my life, the way I see fit for me. I don’t listen to other people’s criticism. I don’t pay attention to those who try to bring me down. I don’t feel that I am not normal. As far as I am concerned, I can only be described in one way … And it’s not by how normal or abnormal or whether I follow or not follow the rest of society. I am simply a human being. I have a brain and I will use it. I have a heart and I will feel with it. I have eyes and I will see with it. I have hands and I will touch with it. I have a life and I will live it … on my terms, in my way.

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