The “Take For Granted” Lesson

At some point in our lives, we realize that we take things for granted, we take each other for granted. Meaning we get so comfortable in having certain things in our lives and certain people around us. It is when we no longer have those things or people that we come to the realization that we have taken things for granted. It’s natural to get comfortable. It’s human nature. We can’t help ourselves. It is wise to stop and think about the things we do have, instead of complaining about what we don’t because one day, what you once had, how you once lived, who you once had in your life; will no longer be there. So appreciate everything while it is here. Be grateful, give thanks to God and above all, let those in your life today know that you care about them and that you are grateful they are in your life.

Nothing stays the same. Change is constant around us whether we like it or not. It is inevitable to lose things and people as your life progresses from one stage to the next. I tell you this, being grateful doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to stay with you, when it is time for it to be gone, it will be. The one thing you gain is having peace with yourself, knowing that you have done all that you can to appreciate it while it was here.

We take for granted that we are young until one day, it hits us and we see how much older we have become. Getting older is a part of life. And even though some of us may not like that we get older because our looks change, our bodies change, our interests change. But with all those changes, comes wisdom, maturity and experience. And with that comes respect for oneself. So while we take it for granted that we are young and the years pass us by, we tend to look back at those days and wish we can go back, not realizing, the positives of being an older person. You see, either way, we take it for granted.

We take for granted the things we have. For example cars, houses, jewelry … You name it. We may have a lot of money going in and out of our pockets at a certain stage in our lives. So we get comfortable and rely on the lifestyle we live and the ability to do whatever we want, buy whatever we want, eat whatever we want with no regards to limits or controlling our desires. Until one day, your life changes and without notice, you are forced to think 10 times before you spend your money on things the way you used to. You start to calculate things. You become almost uptight in order to support your new lifestyle. And in this process of lifestyle changing, you may lose some people. Those who were only around you when you were in a different level. This is the time when you get to know who your true friends are. So yes, we take for granted the lavish life we had while we were living it. You appreciate it after it has gone. That’s when you start thinking about what you could have done differently. And again we lose sight of the fact that we are in a stage which allows us to be true to ourselves, and to know who is really true to us, even if it means making sacrifices and living within boundaries. No matter which life you have, it seems to be not what we want. Does anything ever please us??

We get so used to being capable of doing things on our own, we have our eyes, our tongue, our hands, our legs, our brain .. we don’t see what a gift it is to have all this.  Someone out there does not have what we have. Better yet, one day something may happen to you and you may not have the good health that you once had.  Deterioration in health and sickness does not only come when you get older, it can hit you really young too.  It can change your life forever.  So while you have all those gifts that God has blessed us with, let us appreciate every part of our body, let us give thanks for being able to depend on ourselves to do the basic things in life.  Let us not forget that one day, it may no longer be there.

We have those people in our lives that are always there no matter what, when you are sick, they are there, when you are sad, they are there, when you are in trouble, they are there, when you just want to nag and complain, they are there .. just as much as they are there to laugh with you, have fun with you, and share your joys with you. Let us not take those people in our lives for granted. Let us remember always who stuck by our side no matter what happened, no matter the distance between you, no matter how much time passes, no matter any arguments or fights you may have had.  These are the people who will stay by your bedside at night while you have a fever, cook for you when you are unable to stand on your two feet, go to the doctor with you so you won’t be alone, cry with you when you are hurting, wipe your tears away, sit in silence next to you just to keep you company, watch movies all day with you, make funny faces and say stupid things to make you laugh, drive miles to come see you even for a couple of minutes, call you long-distance just to hear your voice, slap you on your face to stop you from making a mistake, defend you whenever someone insults you, protect you from any harm that may come your way, give you money when you are broke without expecting it back … all these and more are things that special people in your life do for you … Don’t take them for granted ..

We take our family and friends for granted, our lovers for granted, we think: “oh they will always be there”. But we need to stop and think about what if one day, you wake up and one of those people you care about deeply, just gone from your life. It can be because of death, which is out of anyone’s control, or it can be because of a choice being made to cut off the ties for whatever reason. Either one, you just lost someone that you took for granted. You thought they will always be there. Don’t allow this day to come and regret the things you didn’t say, the things you didn’t do, the time you didn’t spend, the effort you didn’t make, the love you didn’t express. I assure you that moment will hit you like a train. Living with that guilt will not change anything, nor will it bring them back. So spare yourself from that moment, don’t take your loved ones for granted. Pick up that phone and call them, get in your car and go see them, write them an email or a message, take that plane if you have to, just make that step and don’t wait till tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come, tomorrow is too far away, tomorrow is not now.

I try to remind myself as often as I can how lucky I am to have all those people in my life that care about me. Relationships on different levels, different intensity, and different meanings. Each one is just as important as the other. I hope I’m doing right by everyone I know. I hope I’m not taking anyone for granted. I hope I never lose sight from what is important. I hope my message helps and pushes you to get up and start appreciating who and what you have today.

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