Are you an idealist?

This is the opening statement of a Sermon in a beautiful Cathedral I visited, in one of my favorite cities. I entered this place not knowing anything about it. The moment I walked in, I was mesmerized. And to my surprise, there was a mass taking place at that particular time. So I stayed longer than I had anticipated and I listened to the word. I knew destiny had brought me here at this time for a reason.

And so the priest asks the congregation if they believe in Utopia? As it was written in Thomas More; ‘Utopia’, the fictional book with a political philosophy on a perfected society which seems impossible to attain.

And then he talked about the passing of Nelson Mandela and the great impact this man left on the world. Which brought him to talk about Mother Theresa and her legacy.

He refers to the French motto: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity as it was mentioned in Charles Dickens; ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. The three qualities originated from the French Revolution and has been carried on and today it holds a true meaning and is followed by several countries in their constitutions.

The moral of this sermon without getting into too much detail was that every individual needs to start by changing himself and in turn the domino effect will take place resulting in changing the world … To make it a better place to live in.

This made me think … And I realized this priest was so right. He believed he can change the world, but as he set out to put the words into action, he found out that it was too big for him. The task is not easy. And so he came to the conclusion that by simply living and being a good example for others, there is hope after all. Some may choose to follow and do the same, and some may not. No one has control over that. But we all must not get discouraged and follow the wrong, just because we see it all around us. Even if you feel you are the only one doing what is right and what is good. Don’t despair. Do not allow the society you live in control you or affect your morals and principles. What you feel is right to do, you should continue to do. You will be surprised the effect you can have on others around you if you stay true to your heart.

Do I actually believe in a perfect society? Do I believe that we can reach Utopia?

Anything is possible.  Reason cannot be part of this thought process, because if you start to use logic and reason and analyze things as our mind knows it, then the answer will be NO.  This is one of the times when we throw reason out the window and reach within.

And who decides what is perfect anyway? Perfect according to what? It is all a matter of perception.  Are you seeing the glass half empty or half full? Do you choose to stay positive or allow negativity in your life? Do you live your life believing that good is around you or is it all doom? And everyone on the face of this earth will have a different answer and will see things according to what they choose.

So maybe some of us live in Utopia already! In our minds … In our hearts … The physical world is just the outer shell.

We can make a difference in this big wide world – start by making your life count and lead by example.

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