Celebrating my 2 years

BalloonsTwo years of writing, two years of dedication, two years of thoughts and feelings poured out, two years of inspiration, two years of expressing myself to the world; and I am so grateful for the opportunity. When I started this site, I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I had a goal; I had a purpose. I knew some good was going to come out of it, but what I didn’t know how it was going to affect me personally.

As I got inspired to write my thoughts by simply living my day-to-day life, it made me think more about life, and as I thought some more, I questioned some more, analyzed even more and in turn I evolved and in the end I changed as an individual. This journey of writing my thoughts to share with the world is not only to make a difference in others lives, but also in mine. And that, I only discovered recently.

I discovered things about myself along the way. I realized some of my mistakes, some of my weaknesses.  I confronted my fears as I wrote about them. I dealt with my pain as I described it in detail and I felt it even more as I read it. Reading my own writing after some time helps me go back to that place where my inspiration originated from.  It is clear to me that my best writings come when I am dealing with various emotions. And since I am a ball of emotions, I never know which feeling will lead to my next title. I surprise myself sometimes.

I know that life throws at us million things at times and we reach to a point where we cannot take it anymore or so we think. I have thought that several times in my lifetime. And I was wrong every time. So I am starting to believe that I am able to handle all that comes my way, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. And the reason I know this because my life today is a living proof of what I am saying. I dream and I believe in my dreams.  I set goals and I work towards them. I work hard and I never give up on what I want. I pray and I leave it in God’s hands because I know that it will be ‘okay’ in the end.

I celebrate my two years of blogging and I know that there is more inspiration to come. I know without knowing how, that this is only the beginning of a new ME. And again, I want to thank you my readers for following me all this time. I am grateful that you read and listen to what I want to share. I hope my messages reach you as it is intended.

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