Starting Over

How many times in our lives did we have to start all over? How many things did we have to leave behind? How many people we had to let go? How many start overs can we have in one lifetime? Is it healthy for us to go through a cleansing state every once in a while?

I would say yes to that. I agree that it is good for us to cleanse our lives from clutter. Things that has no use to us anymore and that includes people too as harsh as it may sound.  Haven’t you heard of this poem: “people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. This concept not only applies to people but also to things, jobs, places you live, things that interest you; overall your way of life.

Some of your start overs will be by choice and some are forced upon you. That is when certain events take place that is beyond your control and it pushes you to take certain steps that will lead in you starting over. To start from scratch is to find your strength all over again. When you find that strength you thought was lost, you begin a new cycle. You allow yourself to live again. You see things differently and you find yourself handling things differently. Sometimes you are shocked at yourself. You never knew you were capable of being this person that you are today. But believe it. Because you are a super power waiting to be discovered. The amount of start overs in your life is an indication of how resilient and persistent you are as an individual. Instead of looking back at yourself as a failure. Be proud that you can stand on your own two feet after you have been knocked down several times and you are able to say: “I’m not done yet”.

I recall that I had to start my life over many times. I think I lost count. Only one of those times was beyond my control. It was not my decision to make. The rest of it was all my doing. I take full responsibility for every starting over point. The decisions I made led me to the path I was meant to take that eventually brought me here today. I am in awe to the series of events that took place. But I can pin point almost every stage where I started a new chapter. And I wouldn’t change a thing about my decisions or my starting over points.

Who knows, maybe I am due for another one soon. I believe change is coming soon in my life. It’s just a matter of time.

Starting over is refreshing to your soul. If you lost your way somehow, if you lost yourself, if you allowed life to rule you; starting over is the perfect way to be saved from all of this. You find yourself again, you reconnect, your eyes open up to things you couldn’t see before, you understand things better, you find ways to be at peace with your past, you move on from what hurt you, you let go of what dragged you down, you are free once again to start fresh. Just like when you wake up in the morning, you have a fresh start of the day. You have a chance to do what you want to do, what you need to do, what you wished you could do yesterday but weren’t able to do. Now you have the opportunity. Now is your chance to give it a try. The past is the past. It is now today. A new chance to get things right. And do not take it for granted. Some may not live to see tomorrow. Some may not have a chance for a do over. So when you do, be thankful.

One comment on “Starting Over

  1. Really great article, keep the writing up its great to express the way you feel. How about following me on twitter and you can see that I love this. Have a great weekend and I look forward to the next post.


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