Food for Thought (11)

Would you walk away from something you love dearly when you realize it is hurting you more than making you happy? Or would you try to stick it out anyway?

4 comments on “Food for Thought (11)

  1. I’ve always tried to stick it out. In my heart, I feel love is absolute and forgiving. As time ticks away however, it will become self-evident that living without reciprocated love will make the heart weary, the love will wane, and walking away is simply a matter of following your heart.


    • Love is always around. Love comes and goes. but there are some kinds of love that never leave. With age, experience and maturity we get to tell the difference at some point. Thank you for your comments. And yes I read your most recent post .. Interesting. You are full of thoughts, keep writing, keep releasing your energy. You are here at the right time and the right place.


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