It seems to be a phenomenon these days for people to feel entitled to so much in life. Where does this feeling of entitlement generate from? Why is it increasing day by day? And can we ever get over it?

Could it possibly be defined as being overconfident? Or is it that when one lacks so much, there comes a point and one needs a break and so they feel they ‘deserve’ to have what they wanted, what they have been waiting for.

No one has it all. No ones life is perfect. We all have things we wish we can change. We all have things missing in our lives. We all have needs and wants. One thing we must not lose track of is the difference between what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want’. This is where it becomes tricky. I know even I can confuse the two. I forget the blessings I have been given and focus all my energy on what I want. I complain and I look for all the things that are going wrong in my life and that’s when I start to say: “I Deserve ……”  I catch myself doing this from time to time, other times it gets brought to my attention. That’s when you feel entitled to have what you want just because you feel that way. You start to feel like you are a victim of your circumstances.  You justify to yourself why you are entitled. You rationalize it and you convince those around you that this is how it should be. It is what is right and just in your eyes.

We are all looking for fairness and justice, especially when it’s for our benefit. However if the roles are reversed we do not use the same standard. We are so blinded and so focused to please ourselves in the end. Sadly; at times, at the cost of others.

So why does this happen to us; well, because life is tough. It’s a very simple answer yet not a solution. I do not have the answers and I definitely do not have the solution. I agree sometimes when people say “I deserve” to certain things. For example, in some countries, some people have no rights – they deserve that don’t they. Some people don’t have the basic things in life and the government either is complacent or in need for dramatic change. Some people, though they have a lot more than others do, are experiencing injustice and so they also deserve to be treated better.

Most of us are looking for one main thing in life and that is happiness.  We deserve happiness, don’t we. But do we all get it. And what about our Health.  We deserve to be healthy, we shouldn’t be suffering from pain and diseases, we shouldn’t be dying from hunger either.  In the end, who am I or you or them to decide who has what, when and where. Yes we all deserve to be treated fairly, with respect, like human beings instead of animals, like a person not just another number. We deserve to be able to live with dignity. The rich should be helping the poor. The government should provide health care and aid to basic living needs to those who have been less fortunate. Job opportunities, tolerable living conditions, equality in treatment to those who are different in color and race. We are all in the end ONE. We are all born, and we will all pass away one day. And the materials we collect along the way, will remain, we will not be taking it along. When you look around you, you will see that everything bad that happens to mankind, we do not deserve it.  So maybe it is not about deserving at all. Maybe it just is what it is. Whether we get the things we want or not, whether we are complete or not, whether it is fair or not.

In conclusion, we need to be careful when we take entitlement too far and start to act out of jealousy, envy and lack of acceptance towards one’s fate and destiny. Just because you feel you deserve something, that doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. We get in the end what we are meant to get. We work hard and we strive to get there, sometimes we reap the rewards, other times; no matter what we do, it just doesn’t happen. And that is where our faith in God, our trust in the universe comes into play. We may not get all what our hearts desire, we may even suffer all our lives, in the end, what is meant to be will be. We are not entitled to anything in this life. We may feel entitled but we never were.

By lovelivemypurpose Posted in Thoughts

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