Independent Women Still UNACCEPTED??!!

Would you be surprised if I told you there are men out there still have the old-time views about a woman’s role in life. I was surprised. I mean I knew based on certain cultures, the independent woman theory was never going to be implemented or accepted, within that particular society. But I was shocked to find that these views are not limited to those cultures. I was shocked, appalled and personally insulted.

I had an intense discussion with a colleague of mine over dinner with a mix of cultures and age groups. I have to say the conversation got heated up when sexist comments were made. I took it personally. It hit home for me. I realized how much this subject affects me personally rather than just a point of view in general.

The thought that the woman’s role in life is just to bear children, stay at home, raise the kids, cook, clean and be obedient to her husband, not only offends me, but it gets my blood to boil. I can’t believe that there are still people who think like that. And even worse people who come from a liberated, and open-minded countries, or so we think.

I am not generalizing by any means when I say this, but there are men out there who do not believe in equality between men and women. There are those who still view the woman lower than the man. That she has to be dependent on him and that the equation of life is not correct as the woman tries to get out of her suppression that was fought for years and years. Some men still believe that the woman should just accept her role in being the reproductive machine and that is the end.

This man I had the heated discussion with actually believes that women these days have fake ideals of equality and that it is all an illusion. He went on by explaining how history proves that the previous system that went on for decades; in which a woman had no rights, worked better for the society. The system that made women only useful at home. She didn’t go to work, she didn’t have a career, she didn’t have a voice, she was weak and overpowered by her man. She depended on him to feed her, cloth her and provide for the children that she alone was responsible to raise and educate. It was her role to clean, cook and take care of her man’s needs. The man is the bread-winner. He is the one that makes all the decisions. She has no say in anything. She even has to take permission to go visit her mother and the man actually has the authority to deny her request, just because he can, just because he is the one with the power; he has the last say. And he gets to exercise that power anyway and anytime he wants.

It sounds to me that it is all about the idea of being in power and exercising that power. It also sounds to me that men who think like this; are so insecure about themselves. If they truly believe that society would be better off by going back to the way things were before women fought for their rights. If they actually believe that men are smarter and more capable than women to get any job done. Then I have to say these men are not only egotistical but they are also delusional. Who in their right mind would degrade a woman like that. I can’t even imagine what would make a man think like this, with so much stupidity. Yes it is. I can’t find another word to describe it. How can you think that the woman’s role in the workforce is useless?? Hasn’t it been proven time and time again that women are more than capable. Haven’t women shown that they can excel at some tasks even better than men. Who said it was about competition anyway. It is not about who is better than who. And it is not about a power-trip either. There is nothing to win here. We are all the same. We are all capable. Men and women. Some things each gender may be better at because of physical or emotional attributes that we are born with. But that doesn’t mean the other gender cannot fulfill the same role with the same capability.

History limited the woman from exploring her strength and to reach her full potential. But when things changed and took a different turn, the views about women and their role in society changed and things became more balanced than ever. Those who do not accept that fact, are the ones struggling to be the dominant figure. They are the ones who create wars because they believe in power and in winning something all the times. Those mentalities will never go far in life. Because the moment you put limits on another human being, you are limiting growth and you are destroying the beauty of discovering the possibilities.

What can I say more than I already said. I am baffled and stunned as you can tell. But it’s ok. I will get over it.

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