Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled – QUOTE

dont let yourself be controlled quote
“Don’t let yourself be controlled by these three things: your past, people and money.

Sometimes we live our lives in  such a hurried pace in order to “Secure” ourselves with money and stability that things we once had to consider aren’t even considered choices any longer. The people that we use to love have been pushed aside for those who only trulydesire to control us so that we may live lives pleasing to them. Instead of letting things you can’t control about your past hold you back from pursuing your dreams, and instead of letting people and money dominate your thoughts and actions, listen to your heart, and to who you really are, the person that God made you to be.Never doubt yourself! We waste so much time doubting that we eventually start to feel confused not knowing what things are really right, and what things aren’t! Take control of your life today, and each day. Become empowered and work hard to get where you need to be for the right reasons..!”  ~ edah

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