Do what IS right or what FEELS right

So many times in our lives we are faced with struggles that affect our actions and our feelings all at the same time. We know we have to do the right thing but sometimes it’s at the cost of our hearts and desires. We pay the price either way, and so we ask: which is better. The question is more like: do u want to live with a clear conscious or you would rather please yourself temporarily for a lifetime feeling of guilt and regret. What would you do my fellow-man; what is right or what feels right?!?!

Everyone may have a different answer. Everyone has a different priority. What I can and cannot live with is not the same for you. And that is just a fact. We were all raised differently. We come from different cultures, backgrounds, religious beliefs. All those factors in addition to our personality that we are born with and the experiences we face that shape us from a very young age. All this put together; allows us to see things differently, have different values, and live with different principles. But there are some common things that no matter how different we are, at the end of the day; what is and is not right; is the same.

For example, cheating is never okay no matter where you are from. Having an affair with a married person is just the same as having an affair with someone who is just in a boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. Stealing is another example; whether it’s your parents change you stole as a child or stealing from a store or from a bank. You are stealing nonetheless and it is wrong. Lying is another example even when you try to justify it and make it colorful in your eyes. A white lie is still a lie. Now “what you don’t know, don’t hurt you” statement is not so bad, unless you are asked directly and you look at that person’s face and blatantly lie. Gossiping and spreading rumors are also not good traits. If the words you say about someone else end up hurting that person in the long run, then what you are doing is wrong. And given that we do not know whether our words will remain in confidence or not, then isn’t it better not to talk at all!? Besides, words have a way of coming out eventually, so does the lies; they catch up to you. As for stealing, you will not get away with it every time, one day you will get caught and you will pay the price dearly. As for cheating, well, you can try to hide it and be careful all you want, one day; you will slip up and you will hurt someone so bad. Remember you cannot be alert and careful ALL the times. You are human. You make mistakes.

Sadly, most of us have done one or two things from the bad traits I just mentioned, including myself. I won’t tell you which one it is, but I am admitting I have done wrong. I’m not an angel. I made mistakes, sometimes it took me a really long time to stop my bad behavior. However, let me share with you some lessons I learned after I did my wrongs. For starters, I always felt regret. My conscious was eating me up. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t be at peace. But I am glad that I experienced these things because now I know what it feels like. And at the same time it scares the hell out of me because I start to wonder if Karma will come back and bite me in the “rear”. I’m glad I eventually stopped doing most of the wrong things, unfortunately, I’m still stuck doing some of it still. It could be a weakness. It could be that I am choosing the easy way to live. It could be that I am sometimes looking after myself because I suffered so much and so I justify it to myself. And it could be that I need to exercise better judgment and not allow myself to get sucked into life and end up following everyone around me in doing the wrong. Just because 20 people I know are doing something wrong, it doesn’t make it right for me to be the 21 person. If I end up being the only one doing what is right, then so be it. Maybe more will follow the right, instead of the “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude.

That’s why we are not finding peace in our lives. Because we keep digging ourselves in deeper and deeper. I won’t even talk to you about “sin”. I’m just saying we need to have a clear conscious. We know deep down what is right and what is wrong. We know what a good feeling is and what a bad one is. You know if you are hurting someone by your words or your actions. When you think of yourself all the times, you end up doing what feels right to YOU, at that moment, without considering the consequences and the long-term effects on others and yourself. Happiness at the cost of someone else’s will never last. It will always be temporary. Not only do you cause damage to other people’s lives, but ultimately to yours! You do not need to read the whole Bible or a Quran or whatever religious book you follow to know the difference between what is moral and what is not. You know the answers; in your heart.

One thing we can do when faced with tough choices that involve our hearts is ask ourselves: “how would I feel? How would it affect my life? If the shoe was on the other foot?” And what you don’t like to happen to you, don’t justify it and do it to someone else because in the end, you will still not be happy.

In conclusion, it is never easy to do the right thing. But doing the right thing will make it easy for you to live with yourself. Following your desires all the time will get you into so much trouble. You end up in a circle of karma that you may never get out of. And you will have no one to blame but yourself. You know what is right. So then do it.

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