2 comments on “Food for thought (33)

  1. Easy to answer: just today the sociopathic slut who tried to steal my family and unravel my life has harassed us again. She does it ever few weeks or months. If I didn’t know that a sociopath thrives on any contact at all I would sit her down and ask her how much it will cost to get her to stay away via consensual court order. There’s no excuse for her behaviour at all.


  2. Yes,, I’ve asked that question many times over the last year. Unfortunately I’ve not come up with the right answers. Still trying to find the answers. A friend would say I’m putting the cart in front of the horse.

    I look at still trying to find the answers as at least a step in the right direction. For a time I didn’t care about the answers, because I wasn’t interested in being around any more.


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