Another Year

Another year gone, another year came. Another goodbye to yesterday, another hello for tomorrow. Year after year, we experience the same feelings even when our circumstances are different. We may be around different people. We may be bringing in the new year in a different place altogether. We may even be different people than the year that just passed. But one constant remains. We all want the year that passed to be over already and we all wish for a better year ahead where all our wishes, dreams and prayers may come true. We look forward to a new beginning. And we just can’t believe that one whole year, 365 days just left us. It always feels like it was yesterday we were celebrating the new year. Now here we are again.

It is good practice to reflect back on the year that just passed. It is for the sake of our own growth that we must take some time with ourselves to think and reassess. It’s all good and dandy to celebrate and be happy with friends and family. Enjoy the holidays, the vacations, the time off from work, the break you needed from your day to day chores and obligations. But don’t forget to give thanks for opening your eyes each morning for a brand new day to start. Don’t forget to count your blessings; for the people in your life that love you, for the roof over your head, for the food on your table, for the clothes on your back and for the health you are blessed with.

Even if you are not in the perfect health condition, you may be experiencing some troubles at home, you may not be happy at work and you may be wishing you had a more reliable car or a nicer winter coat or that pair of shoes you have been dreaming of. You may feel alone because you haven’t found the person to spend your life with and you watch all those couples being affectionate, happy and smiling. You may watch children running around, shouting and playing with their parents. And you just wish you had the same. You could always have it worse than how you have it now. Just remember to be grateful for whatever you have, because someone out there doesn’t even have the half of what you have. So let’s be thankful for all our blessings. And let’s pray for a better year ahead. Most of all, let’s pray to be better individuals; more caring, more giving, more forgiving, more patient, and more grateful.

No one ever said it would be easy to practice the state of gratitude in the midst of trying times. But it is also not impossible. Tough times will always be there. We learn how to deal with them as we grow in strength. The past year had good times just as it had tough times. You laughed just like you cried. You had doors shut in your face, but some doors opened out of nowhere. You lost people dear to your heart whether by choice or by God’s will, but you built new relationships, you met new people, you found new love and you let go of what was holding you back. You learned to forgive those who wronged you and you learned to move on. You discovered inner strength that you didn’t know existed. You made decisions that changed the course of your life. You made peace with life and started to understand that everything happens for a reason. You realized that the best way to grow is by letting go of what you can’t change and by accepting things as they are. All that; happened in one year. As a matter of fact some things happen every year, you just haven’t paid close attention to it. But when you are in a state of mind where you want to be free from living in pain, you will start to see the joys and you will accept the challenges and be thankful for it; all as a package. Your life would not be complete if it didn’t have both sides, the good days and the bad.

So let’s say goodbye to this year, the year that brought both happiness and sadness. Let’s say “goodbye” and “thank you” all at the same time. Because now, we are one year older, one year wiser, one year stronger; one more year tougher to face the constant changes that we have little control over. Welcome “New Year”. We can’t wait to meet you. We are looking forward to a fresh start with you. Are you ready for us “New Year”? Because we sure are ready for YOU!!

I share with you a quote by an unknown author, translated by me from a different language:

This year, I severed ties with some people, things happened I never expected them to, I have come to realize that no one remains loyal, I got to meet people I wish I had met earlier, I let go of certain people; I never thought the day would come for me to walk away from, Others let me down tremendously, but I am thankful to God for everything no matter what.”  ~ Unknown Author

2 comments on “Another Year

  1. I needed this this morning. The words resonate deeply and I’ll admit your piece brought me to tears…although I live on the edge of them every day. Thank you for your insight and your perspective. Have a wonderful 2015.

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