Sweep Under The Rug

A term used to describe the way we handle issues sometimes by actually not dealing with it and pretending it’s not there or that it will get fixed on its own. Too much too handle; sweep it under the rug. Too afraid to face the reality; sweep it under the rug. Too terrified of the outcome; sweep it under the rug. Too difficult, too embarrassing, too whatever you are thinking of, the only thing you are doing is just pretending the problem does not exist and sweep sweep sweep. One day, the rug will be so high and unbalanced from all the dust you stowed under. The only thing you are really doing is delaying facing the problem. Even worse, you have now accumulated several of them to the point that there is a bomb waiting to explode in your face. Do yourself a favor. Time for some serious cleaning. And by that obviously I mean, time to deal with each and every problem you have avoided for so long. Enough sweeping, don’t you think??

This subject is a heavy one I know. And who am I to tell you anything. I have probably done some sweeping here and there along the way, generally however; it is in my nature to face it sooner or later. Not that I like confrontation by any means. I really don’t, actually I hate it. But as much as I can avoid it, I cannot rest until I do what needs to be done or say what needs to be said. Until then, I will have no peace. I don’t tend to pro-long an issue that needs to be faced. Maybe one issue I have avoided dealing with and that could be for many reasons. Maybe I convinced myself that it is better not to open up a can of worms on myself because I am really drained. And maybe there is nothing to deal with. It could all be in my head. Maybe also, I know the answer deep down, I am just not ready to accept it and so I sweep it under the rug – for now!!

Famous two words “for now”. We all convince ourselves that things are ok even when clearly they are not. We don’t feel the need to create war, so let’s just leave it – for now. We don’t want to rock the boat, so let’s keep quiet – for now. We don’t want to stress ourselves as we have too much on our plate already, so let’s just go with the flow – for now. Besides, it is more peaceful for us that way, for now; isn’t it?

You can rationalize it all you want. At the end of the day, you are running away from facing your issues. There is no peace there. Avoiding an argument, a fight, a break up, or whatever, is not solving the real issue. The root of the problem; if not dealt with, will keep coming back again and again, from different angles, until you are forced to confront it. Why wait till things escalate and more damage is done. Why delay the inevitable. Why create a false sense of security.  Why continue to live unhappily. Why hold back from being yourself and saying what you really feel.  Who do you think you are protecting here? Yourself? The other parties involved? How delusional can you possibly be???  The truth about how you really feel or think about a particular subject will always come out. You can pretend only for so long. So be real to yourself. If there is something that is bothering you, speak up, don’t keep it in till it becomes a huge problem. Sometimes, your fears of confronting the issue are more real in your head than in real life. Sometimes the way you expect someone to react to your confrontation is exaggerated in your imagination. Sometimes you underestimate or overestimate. Sometimes you think and analyze too much, and if you confront it early enough, you will save yourself from unnecessary sleepless nights and worry. And sometimes, some things when left untreated, time works against you and when you realize your mistake in delaying, it can be too late.

I am not saying it is easy to always face every issue that pops up in your life at the time it does. Sometimes certain issues take priority over others. You can delay, but not avoid it. You can give it some time in order to assess the situation and come up with a strategy to attack it, but not sweep it under the rug. It will come back at you when you least expect it, and it will bite you in the ‘rear’. Some issues go away by themselves, that is true. Some worries were unfounded from the start, that is also true. But some issues will be like a thorn in your side, never leaving, but in fact growing with time. The more time you ignore it, the more severe it becomes. The more times you sweep it, the more it persists. It’s like a parasite. Issues, problems, differences just don’t disappear if you let time pass by. Remember that the next time you pick up the broom and start sweeping away.

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