Poem for MOM – By: Rania F. E.


Mama; was the first word I spoke

Mama, was the one I ran to if I was scared

Mama, was the first person I wanted to see when I opened my eyes

Mama, was the one who taught me what’s right from wrong


Time passed and the little baby became a little girl

The little girl grew and became a young woman

The young woman grew and became who she is now


Mama, I am hurting please make me feel better

Mama, I am heart-broken please hold me in your arms

Mama, I am sick please take care of me

Mama, I am confused please tell me what I should do


Time passes, life goes on, the young woman is still a little girl

At times the little girl acts like a little baby

Once again back to Mama’s arms


Mama, Let me take care of you now

Mama, you can count on me

Mama, rest your head on my chest

Mama, please don’t leave me – I  need you.

Mama, I will see you again someday.


Rania F. E.

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