2 comments on “Food for thought (45)

  1. I don’t need to imagine, I have lived it. I would have said “leave, no question”, but saying that when you have not been through it means nothing at all. What I did, in fact, was walk a very fine line. I stayed, I stood my ground. I did not play the “pick me” game. I made it clear I wouldn’t tolerate contact with her. I made it clear the door was open and if he didn’t like those terms he could leave. And when he did contact her and I found out, I did make him leave. Funny how he instantly handed over everything, forced me to carry around his phone and laptop, turned himself inside out to prove he was truthful. What did I do when I was cheated on? 1. I bided my time to decide. 2. I didn’t leave nor did I ask him to stay. 3. I made him leave when I had to. 4. I let him come back, again biding my time. I did not believe him or trust him but I gave him the opportunity to prove he could be trusted. Four years later I trust him mostly. We are happy enough together. I do not regret staying. We are gradually regrowing the layers on that onion, trust.


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