Same Same but Different

Thoughts many of us experience at some point or another in our crazy life.  Some of us allow our thoughts to grow and some suppress it and hide away from it. We are all living on the same planet, yet it seems that each individual is living in their own world. We all look alike with minor differences of skin color, body shape, etc. but inside of us we are made up of the same organs that keep us alive. We have many differences that we created, like cultural differences, religious beliefs, etc, but we all have the same feelings. If you ever experienced these thoughts, you are not alone.

It’s from the way we look, to the way we behave, to the way we live our day to day life. These similarities and differences is what make us very interesting. I have been trying to understand who we are as beings and I still can’t. I have so many whys and how comes that it drives me crazy. So I just focus on our behaviors for now.  I think about how we operate when things reoccur in our lives. How the situations may seem different and how we react to it the same way, every time.

Every time you close a page, another one opens. And every time you start a new page, you find yourself closing it. Either it leaves you or you walk away from it. You are constantly faced with making detrimental decisions. Your choices not only affect you; but those involved with you. Although sometimes you may feel you are all alone. You are not. And sometimes you feel you have the right to live however you want. But you can’t. Because there are people in your life that get affected by what you do. And some get hurt when you think about pleasing yourself. And you wonder. When does it ever end?? When will you finally have peace? Is that even possible. It seems like a never ending cycle. You think you closed one and you start fresh, again you get into the cycle. You close off and decide to shut everyone and everything off, it all catches up to you and you find yourself feeling guilty for doing so. So damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

The irony in our story is that it’s similar to every other story yet it has its own uniqueness. Like I learned to say: ‘same same but different’. We are all the same. We all have fears and insecurities. We are struggling and often seem busy going after something.  We are all chasing a dream. May be not the same exact dream. But we all want to be happy in the end. And what’s funny is that we all go through hell in order to get there, that’s if we even reach to that point. Some never get to know what real happiness is, what real love is, what peace of mind is. The reason behind that is we get distracted along the way. We loose ourselves in the process. We get our attention divided in many places. And in the end; we blame it on LIFE. We say: ‘it is life’s fault’. We have to find an explanation as to why we haven’t reached to our destination yet. So we point fingers at whatever and whoever we can. Because it can never be our fault. Oh No; we didn’t do this to ourselves. We didn’t make these choices. ‘Life’ made it for us. And so we are convinced; we just have bad luck, or people are out to get us, or maybe that is our destiny. Was all this meant to be?? Hmmm. Interesting thoughts, no?!

In my sarcasm, there is a bit of truth to what I say. We really have a hard time owning up to our mistakes and wrong choices. Maybe we think it will make us look weak. But who cares, what it looks like in other peoples eyes. Isn’t what matters in the end – YOU and your life.  Why do you follow the same bad habits of others. Why not be different. Why not stand out. Why not lead by example. Why not be the one; people talk about because you have created a legacy. Why be ‘Same Same’?  Be ‘different’. And be proud of it.

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