How do you want to be remembered?

In an earlier post, I briefly touched on this point as part of another subject. Let me elaborate further if I may. Who stops and asks himself this question?? How many people actually care about being remembered or even making an impact in this world? Have you ever thought to yourself; what is my legacy? Does my presence in this life even matter? Question after question because the answer is yet to be seen. It is not something you plan for and then get to see your result. It’s simply you living day by day until your time is up and the answers will be revealed to those who once knew you existed or to those who never knew you at all. So how do you want to be remembered?

There are people who live their lives carelessly without thinking of the future. They live for the here and now. They live attached to the world and the materials in this world. They live for themselves, always after something to gain or win or to fulfill a desire. They want to be the best and first in everything, when in fact, they lack most of the important qualities a human being can have. Yes, there are these people in the world. They do exist. They must learn many lessons in order to comprehend their true purpose and the real meaning of life. Having said that, these people must exist because without them, the people who have the potential to rising to their true purpose in life would not be able to see the opposite of the spectrum. Evil must exist for goodness to be known. Sadness must exist for happiness to be felt. Life must be tough for you to recognize the blessings. And that’s how we learn. That’s how we grow, individual by individual. And each on their own time. There is no timeline for this growth. There is no deadline either. When you are ready, you are just ready. You accept all there is. You appreciate the good with the bad. You see the big picture. You find yourself on a different level from the rest. You stop comparing. You stop trying to be somebody. You just live every moment and you take whatever comes your way with gratefulness.

And so that brings me to the next set of people in this world. The ones who have reached a high level of awareness. The ones who are on a different level of consciousness. These people are unique and there are few of them out there. They are angels. A blessing to this world. Usually they are self-sacrificing, givers to no limit, the first to get hurt and the first to forgive. They are intuitive. They know who they are and where they are headed.  They feel things, they follow high set of principles, and they are always searching for their life purpose. Finding peace is one of their main goals. Internal contentment is much more important than just happiness provided from the material world. They love nature and they are in complete awe about God’s creations. A very positive energy radiates from those people. They are a gift on this earth to be cherished.

Having described the two extremes of the spectrum, now it’s time to look at the in-between, in which lies the majority of mankind. We are struggling to find our purpose. We are searching for peace and happiness. Unfortunately, we get lost at times and look for happiness in the wrong places. Life gets to us and we get sucked in the day-to-day needs and wants. At first we are just trying to survive. Then we start to want things and we go chasing after our dreams and desires. And they are not something out of the ordinary. Usually, they are just the basic things or so we think; or so we have been programmed to believe. If you really stop and think and break it down to the bare bones, you will realize you are chasing a mirage.

So ask yourself, which side are you closer to? Or are you right in the middle? Finding the balance in life is one of the hardest things we ever have to do. But no matter where you find yourself, be real and be honest. Why are you behaving the way you are? Why do you want the things you want? What do you really see when you look in the mirror? Are you really happy? Asking questions is the first step to getting on the right path. If you are a person that cares about others, if you are someone who believes that you are not here in this time in this place by accident. Then you will find your way eventually. As long as you have a clear conscience in the end, then you are on the track to fulfilling your life purpose.

All I hope for is that one day, you wake up and you feel that peace, you have searched for. That day when you take a good look at everything surrounding you and you know in your heart why you are here. You feel that you are there and not there at the same time. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion. You hear everything yet you hear nothing. You know in your heart, you have done what you were meant to do. And so when your time on earth is over; you will be remembered for being different, your existence will remain in spirit, as you have left a mark in the physical world. This is how I envision it to be. And so here I go living my life praying I am on the right path to fulfilling my life purpose. I pray you find yours too.

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