Confront Your Fears

Most of us have these fears, that we live with, and we may not understand why we even have them. We try to figure out the source of those fears but usually we do not succeed. Sometimes in order to be able to live with ourselves, we justify the reasons for our fears. But do we make the same effort in confronting those fears and possibly overcoming them with time, just as much as we try to understand why we have them to begin with.

For example, I have these fears from dogs and cats. As a matter of fact, I have issues with any animal or creature, even the ones I actually love. I love turtles, but I can’t bring myself to touch the shell even. I love butterflies, but I don’t think I can handle it if it touched my skin. I got some real issues with touching animal skins. I cringe at the thought. I sometimes feel like my heart is going to stop if I get in touch with an animal skin. And I can’t figure out for the life of me, why I feel this way. Since I was a child I have been like this. I remember my Grandma used to have ducks and chicken on the roof top of her house. And when it came to feeding the duck, I would sit quiet a distance away, at times my grandma would encourage me to touch it, but my heart beats so fast that I can hear my own heart beat in my ears. That’s how scared I was. I got pleasure from running after it and seeing it was hiding from me. It gave me a bit of power.

Moving on to my biggest fear of them all; dogs.  All kinds and sizes, no exception. Secondary to that is cats. But dogs mostly, I can tell you that if you were to watch me on the street, you would probably have a good laugh. Even I laugh at myself, after the fact of course.  So if I am walking on the side walk and there is a dog heading towards me, I would try to focus on my breathing, keep telling myself not to be afraid and just walk on by like the dog doesn’t exist. That’s how I deal with it now. Back then, in a split of a second you will find me on the other side of the street (if it was a huge dog) or simply I would trade places with the person I am walking with, using them as a shield and maximizing the distance between the dog and I as we cross path. But if the dog is approaching from behind, there is no way I can walk normal. One of two things will happen, either I will speed to avoid any kind of confronting or I will stop, allow the dog to pass me, then I will walk behind the dog. I need to be in control of all times. The dog has to be visible and I must be ready to anticipate any attack and have an escape plan. Some serious fears I got, I know. And I still don’t know why I feel this way. I just do.

However, I must admit, with time, with age, and of course with a bit of effort on my part, I am starting to overcome some of my fears. Thanks to one of my dear friends who has two dogs, I was able to be around them without freaking out and jumping on couches. Even had the courage to pat them and play with them a little. And these are not little dogs, I’m talking Huskies. One thing I still haven’t been able to overcome is how much I wanna vomit if their wet nose touches my skin. I just can’t handle it. I’m hoping I can continue to get better with time. Having a dog at my house however, well, let’s not push our luck here. Let’s just deal with walking on the street and not running from them. And going over someone’s house with a dog and not freaking out, making a fool of myself. I’m sure it’s funny watching me react to dog barking at me. The look on my face is probably priceless. So I have been told many times.

Likewise, many of you may experience certain fears and you may not understand where it is coming from. Some of you are afraid of heights, afraid of swimming, cluster phobic, etc. I am sure you wondered why. But you still don’t have answers. You were just born like that. Let me tell you, if it’s bothering you that much, then you might want to explore the option of regression, if you believe in reincarnation and the possibility of having past lives. If you don’t, then there is no point in pursuing this avenue. If you do, however, getting regressed by a professional doctor, may answer a lot of questions you may have regarding the source of your fears and pains you are currently experiencing in this lifetime. You may find answers to ease your soul and you may understand yourself a little better. Thus, moving forward, letting go of your fears and past life experiences and changing your outlook for the rest of your life. I am not recommending everyone to go get regressed as the solution to confronting your fears. It’s simply an option, if you believe in it, to help you understand yourself better.

Otherwise, keep working hard on overcoming your fears by facing them, and doing the exact thing that freaks you out. Having said that, please don’t go riding a roller coaster in order to overcome your fear of heights and then getting a heart attack while you are up there. Confront the fears sensibly and wisely. One step at a time. One day at a time. One fear at a time. Confront your fears and live free of fears. It’s very liberating I must say, to fear absolutely nothing.

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