What’s home? Where is home? Why is home so important to us? We are always trying to define home. And each person may have a different view on the subject. There are a lot of factors involved when deciding where is home and why we feel that way. The definition of home back then has altered from its definition nowadays due to the many changes our society has seen. And so the meaning of things have changed as well. What used to be so important, now it may not be. And so our life keeps on changing even our home.

To some, home may be where you were born. That will be forever your home and you cannot feel it anywhere else. To others, home is where your loved ones are even if it’s not your homeland. You could have immigrated to another country in search for a better life and it could have been your parents or grandparents who moved years ago and you didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. But we all have a choice when we become adults. No one can force you to stay in a place where you don’t feel like it’s home.

On another note, home to some people is anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter to them. They can make the best of their life wherever they decide to go, wherever there is opportunity for a better life. They can get accustomed to their new environment easily and with no regrets. And home is their house or apartment they live in. As long as they are in the space they created to their liking, then they are home. There are also those who don’t believe in staying in one place and setting up roots and making a home. They are wanderers. They go anywhere, anytime and they don’t think much about who they leave behind. They don’t live to be attached to any place or to anyone. They like to be free. And so their home is where they feel they want to go. And they are actually happy with that.

On a more emotional level, home is being in the arms of the people you love. It can be family or it can your significant other. The feeling you get when you are around the person you love is your Home. When you are away, you are far away from home and you may not be able to feel peace and happiness. It can be more than one person that makes you feel this way. And it can be just one in this whole world that can. Being with that person allows you to breath, to smile from your heart, to feel contentment, and if you spent all your time with that one person, it would be just alright. Because you are Home.

It’s interesting how one word, can have several meanings. And each person is entitled to view it as they wish. No one has the right to make you see Home their way. Home is just that – your space – your world. Your home is where you choose it to be.

My home has changed several times in my life and because I moved too many times, I am confused as to where that is really.  But I do know this, I cannot live away from the people I love.  My life has no meaning without my family, without my closest friends, without my one true love. I can make a living anywhere I choose.  I can start from zero and build myself again and again.  I have proved it already; more than once. But I was happiest when I was surrounded by the familiar faces I grew up with. I was in my comfort zone in the city where I spent most of my life even though it is not my place of birth.  I have a home where I am the best that I can be, where I feel useful, where I have love around me. Home for me; can only be where my loved ones are.

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