Why men don’t listen

You know, it’s an equal argument to have regarding who doesn’t listen to who.  One can say, women don’t listen when Men tell them stuff. Also, we can say, men don’t listen when Women tell them stuff. It’s like they hear you but they don’t follow with action. Either they end up doing the exact opposite of what you said or totally ignore you and do nothing. You feel like: was I talking to myself? Have I not made it clear? Do I really need to repeat myself?  How many times have you felt that he / she is not listening to you. The end result is you end up fighting when they don’t do what you asked.

Many arguments can be avoided by practicing effective communication. But do we do that? Do we tell each other what we want and don’t want. Do we lay down our expectations from the start? Or do we expect them to be psychic and know what’s in our heads. How is the other person going to know that you like this or not. How will they ever know the things that bother you if you don’t speak up. Why bottle in these feelings until one day your anger gets out of hand and you explode. Why not deal with issues as they arise. You can avoid many fights and even break ups by simply communicating.

On the other hand, if you have been communicating and explaining and making your point clear, but still they don’t oblige, then something else is happening. It could be that they want to prove that they got the power in the relationship. Or it could be that they don’t see eye to eye with you and want to do what they want to do regardless of your thoughts and feelings about the subject. Or it could also be that they are so focused on their point of view that they are not allowing themselves to see it from anyone else’s perspective even if they are wrong. Some can be so stubborn sometimes, that no matter what you say or do, they are not budging. Even more, sometimes they enjoy getting you all riled up and they like seeing you angry and loosing your mind. What can I say, some people are sick.

Some people think they are always right. And they are under the impression they know everything. This could be due to a personality trait they are born with or it can be a self-developed characteristic while growing up. Don’t you hate having conversations with those kind of people. I don’t know about you but it drives me up the wall. I have to make a lot of effort not lose it and tell those people off. You tell them one thing and they will always tell you a better way in their ‘valuable opinion’ that you so happened not to ask for. But hey, let’s be grateful for free tips. If that s what you wanna call it. Lord beholds if you asked them to do something. They will create a divine explanation / excuse as to why it shouldn’t be done the way you requested or the timing for that matter. Why? because they know best. They know it all. And the hell with what you wanted. Don’t you just love people like that!!!

Back to my original thought, as to why MEN don’t listen. I’m gonna be bias now since I am a woman. And my experiences have shown me time and time again, that Men are really from a different planet than women.  Generally speaking, men tend to see every woman the same way. They describe women as being super emotional, needy, moody, demanding, and most of all a NAG!  Yes, that’s how men see women. So they trained themselves to tone us out. We talk, they pretend they are listening, meanwhile they are thinking in their heads other thoughts, prepared to tell you what they think you want to hear, and that is to agree and just say YES or sympathize with whatever you are saying. More like shutting you up and can’t wait for you to stop talking. They think we need them as robots. Here is a fact, women don’t need men to just agree with them and say Yes. Women need men to actually listen and have a conversation, agree if you want or disagree if you feel so. Say your point of view and back it up, not just because you say so. So to sum it up, a woman needs an adult, not a child.

Don’t get mad when your woman calls you out on something you have done wrong. She is not trying to take your ego away. Get real. Don’t get all Macho Man style when your woman gives you advice about how to do something. That’s not her interfering with your specialty. It’s a teamwork here, and sometimes women can have better ideas. Get over it.

There is no trophy to win, and there is no award for anything. And there is no my way is this and your way is that. And I know better than you. For God’s sake, work together not against each other. You are in a battle against the world to make it through, not in a battle with each other. Seriously, stop the madness. Men please listen to your women. And women, please work with your men. You both need each other. Period.

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