True Friends – Poem BY: Rania F. E.

True friends are hard to find
As I think; a few come to mind
The effect they have is one of a kind
Before you know it; your lives are intertwined.

I may have travelled and seen the world
But nothing compares to the memories I hold
Those friendships were built and with time became gold
Those friendships I cherish and want to keep till I’m old

No distance, no time will ever come between us
We vow this bond will forever be boundless
As we know our encounter was indeed miraculous
With friendships like these, we will always have happiness

True Friends are the ones that show up from nowhere
And the same ones that stay with you everywhere.


Rania F. E.

One comment on “True Friends – Poem BY: Rania F. E.

  1. Your poem couldn’t be more true. I have some friends that I have leaned quite heavily on the last year or 2. For that reason I sometimes feel like I am too much of a burden to them, but yet they are still there. Sometimes I just want to beat myself up for being such a pain to them, while other times I wish my existence would cease.


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