Not Gonna – Poem By: Rania F. E.


I’m not gonna wait

for those who are not straight

I’m not gonna cry

over the days that passed by

I’m not gonna blame

those who played a game

I’m not gonna regret

all the people I met


I’m not gonna wait anymore

I  just won’t cry no more

I  don’t have time to blame

Regret is out of my door

All I do have time for

Is living life with a flame


Rania F. E.

2 comments on “Not Gonna – Poem By: Rania F. E.

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m not quite following this one. People play games and too many people play games with other people’s lives and feelings, but somehow you’re not going to let that effect you?


    • In my opinion Mac, I believe we all have a choice whether to allow things to get to us or not. You are the only one in control of how you feel, how you behave and how you react. You choose to forgive or live with pain. You choose to move on or stay stuck. You choose. Anyway, that’s my take on it. Now it’s up to you to choose to apply this or not. Take from it what you need in your life in the present moment. Wish you all the best. Thanks for your feedback and comments.


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