Our Reality

In light of the recent events, Please bare with me while I break it down and speak my own mind with my humbled knowledge of politics and what’s going on around us today. Let me start by saying, everyone is entitled for their own opinion and everyone has the right to express their feelings their way as long as you are not insulting or causing harm to someone.

When it comes to tragedy and traumatic experiences, there are several stages that humans go through in order to digest the whole thing. The first stage is shock. Followed by mixed emotions, followed by reacting to those emotions influenced by one’s own experiences; may that be present or past or fear of future ones.

Having said that, I have been listening and watching the news, reading articles and observing people’s reactions to the sad tragedies that occurred in the past couple of weeks, including the Beirut bombings, possibly the Russian plane that went down in Egypt (pending investigations) and lastly the horrible events that took place in Paris.  They are all equally sad. There were lives lost in each event. There were families that had to deal and are dealing with the loss of a loved one. There are even more stories of other attacks, killings and bombings in other countries whether it be a mass number of victims or only one or two. In the end, these are all tragedies for humanity.

Some events are covered by the media and get all the attention and some just get a headline or two in the passing. While others totally go unnoticed. I agree this is unfair. Aren’t we all equal? Then I realize that’s been the issue of the centuries. Equality!!!  It is evident even more when tragedies occur. So it doesn’t surprise me, nevertheless it sadness me.

My point of view on this matter, is that the world has gotten used to reading news or watching videos about killings and bombings in the Middle East. The world views the tragedies that occur in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, some other African countries; as it’s the normal thing to occur. Almost like the world is numb. Of course the world is saddened by the events but no one reacts dramatically and extends support like we have seen in the Paris events.

This is our reality, not saying it is right. But that’s the truth. The Egyptian blood has been wasted over the years by terrorists attacks, innocent people lose their lives every day, you don’t see the Egyptian flag on people’s profile pictures. The Palestinians have been murdered, robbed of their homes, unable to live a normal life; a whole nation lost and divided and no one does anything but talk about how sad it is and they hold meetings and conferences with no solution. The Lebanese have been suffering for years fighting the terrorists that live within and no one moves a finger. And the Syrians have lost their lives, their heritage, their homes, and their dignity (for those who are still alive) and now are refugees everywhere, and all you hear is what a problem this has become. The African nation has experienced brutality over the years and no one lifts a finger. Many more countries have been affected and it all goes unnoticed. Just a headline passing through from time to time.

This is the world we live in. So when Paris gets attacked, the whole world responds with support on many levels. The whole attention is on the 129 lives taken on that fateful night, the brutality and the state of war the country is facing. The measures that has been taken, the speeches made, the action taken. Meanwhile, the countless lives taken in Beirut, Syria, Egypt and other countries in recent events or day by day; are not highlighted, supported or given half the attention. The question remains why is that??

With that said; I do condemn the comments made in the social media by some people attacking Facebook and the people who choose to show their support for Paris by posting prayers or adopting the colours of the French flag. There is nothing wrong with showing support. Yes I do agree there is inequality when it comes to the other events that occurred just 2 days prior in Beirut. But let’s remember we cannot control how and when people show support; nor can you force people to care. Caring comes from the heart. And the heart shows what’s really inside it in the tough times.

The social media may have not taken initiatives to show solidarity or support for the lives lost in other countries.  That’s their choice. Wrong or right. But let’s not create another war and say how comes and why not us?? Let’s not allow our anger towards the terrorists blind us, cloud our judgement and direct us towards taking out our anger on the wrong people. As a matter of fact, let’s not give in to anger period. Because feelings of hate and anger pushes us towards irrational behaviours. And by that, the terrorists would have really succeeded in their mission. Their mission was not only to kill lives but in the reaction to humanity after the fact. They want to create fear and that is obviously happening now. They want to create hatred within and that is also happening. They want us to be divided. They want us to go to war with each other. Their aim is to destruct everything. Let us not give them that satisfaction and fight them by doing the exact opposite.

Our unity, our prayers, our resilience and our courage …. These are some of the tools we must use to fight this war of terror. We must allow some time to digest what has happened and continue to happen. We must not react without thinking. Let us follow our hearts in doing good and in offering support. No one is stopping you from doing anything you want to do to support those in need. Instead of pointing fingers at those who aren’t showing support. Why don’t you come up with a trend to create the support you desire for whoever you feel deserves it. Let us stop with the TALKS and do some ACTION.

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