one + one = two

Equations; something we all learned in school and most of us wondered when will we ever use this nonsense in our day-to-day life. How will all the unnecessary information we learned in these books be ever helpful in our practical life. Well, I finally found something. I feel better now knowing all the nights of studying didn’t go in vain. Learning the concept of equations is making sense to me after all these years. But hey, better late than never.

Our lives is full of equations: Some complicated:   explicit formula

some need a little work to solve it:   harmonic formula

some need time to understand the result:   eulers formula

and some you just accept the answer for what it is:   pythagorean theorem edited


In the end, every equation will be solved. Whether we like the answer, whether we expected it to be as such or whether we were ready for those results.

Sometimes you are working on an equation and it starts off smooth, then you get stuck, so you start from the beginning then you find yourself on a different path, so you try again and again, until somehow you find a clue that leads you to the answer in the end. And when you reach the final answer, you are like: “that’s it??? That’s the answer after all these steps?!” Sometimes you feel stupid for wasting so much time going in the wrong direction. But at the time, your mind was focused on one angle. It’s only when you tried to start over and gave yourself the chance to correct any wrongs along the way, it’s only then when your eyes were opened and you followed the path to the final result. Sometimes you ask for help, maybe a little hint to guide you in the right direction. Maybe even make use of a calculator to help you when things become complicated. But don’t make the mistake of depending on too many tools and methods of help to solve your equation. Depend only on yourself. You started it and only you can finish it. Besides, success is so much sweater when you have earned it.

This is really how our life is like. It’s a bunch of equations. You add something to something you get something. You subtract something out of it, you get something else. Then you multiply or divide, your result will be more different from the original. Check these equations out that I just created:

Love + Love = happiness (Love)2
Marriage + kids = good times + bad times (life x 100)
Love + infidelity = (hurt + pain + lack of trust + disappointment + confusion) – stubbornness + forgiveness = second chance
Love + Fear + insecurity + jealousy = being alone
Teacher – patience = angry pissed off teacher + scared kids
Tyrant boss + not enough pay + rude customers + working too many hours = unhappy employees
Unhappy employees + kids + bills + duties = angry miserable people.

I think I made my point. Everything in our life is a calculation, even if we don’t intentionally make it so. It just is. When we look at something, it’s not just one thing by itself, it’s a combination of many things put together until you get your result. We can choose to complicate it by adding unnecessary things to the equation. Or we can simplify it by breaking it down to the necessities. We do this by thinking and analyzing. Some answers come naturally that we don’t have to stress ourselves in the process, but some need a little more effort. In the end, everything has a solution. Even if takes our whole lifetime to solve.

In conclusion, I can now thank my Math teacher for teaching me something useful I can actually use in my practical life. What a relief.

Check out this formula I came across on the net: (

happiness formula edited

Happiness (“H”) is equal to your level of Gratitude (“G”) … plus the degree to which you are living consistent with one’s own personal Definition of Happiness (“DH”) … plus how much you Contribute (help) others (“C”) … plus one’s success the 3 R’s of happiness (“3R”) (Relationships, Rules, and Regrets) all divided by 6.
By using this simple formula, we all can determine how happy you are in your life at any time (your “Happiness Score”), and then create a plan to improve it.

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