Why are you so angry?

Ever stop and ask yourself why am I so upset? Sometimes you can’t explain why you feel mad at someone, even though you know that whatever they did, wasn’t a big deal. And maybe even nothing new. And most of all not intentionally to piss you off. But still you get mad and upset and you change towards them.

You start to act distant and cold. It’s like you are punishing them. You find yourself getting angry just by thinking of them. And in the same moment, you feel guilty because you realize, you are overreacting and this person doesn’t deserve that from you. So the question remains; why the hell are you that upset?

Let me tell you what I think is going on. Most likely you are feeling disappointed. You expected that person not to let you down that way. You had them kinda on a pedestal. And when they do something that knocks them off that pedestal. You are shocked because you never thought they would ever come down. And so reality hits you, they are not perfect. Even though you knew that all along. It’s not like you thought they were an angel. But deep down you hoped they would be an angel. And so the problem here is not so much with them but with you. Your high expectations of them caused you disappointment. Why expect perfection when you know it is not possible. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Even more, you are angry because you are not getting your way. That’s why you can’t explain why you are so angry when the situation doesn’t require it. It’s about you not having control. You just want everyone to follow what you think is right, but what you need to understand is that you are not always right. And sometimes it isn’t even about that. It’s about the other person and what they want. And you need to find a way to let go of wanting everything to go your way. That’s life.

So stop being angry unnecessarily. It’s not worth it. And also you need to be fair. Give that person a chance to explain themselves. Don’t jump to conclusions. You never know the whole story until you ask to hear it.

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