You are Happiest when …

Once more I will touch on a subject I have expressed my thoughts on before. Today’s question is you are happiest when??  It’s more like fill in the blanks rather than a question. The start of the statement indicates you already know that you experienced happiness. You just need to specify the moments in which you feel it. This means we admit to ourselves that happiness is not constant. Happiness comes in moments. Whether it be significant events or little moments that affect us. Happiness comes and goes. You choose to bring happiness into your life or you choose otherwise. You choose it because you believe in it, especially when times are tough. You choose it because you feel you deserve it. You choose it because you have experienced not having it and you know the difference it makes in your life. So yes, we choose to be happy or we choose not to be.

Happiness is derived from feelings of gratefulness. When you choose to be thankful for the blessings you have even when you don’t have it all. And you know it’s ok not to have it all. Happiness is appreciating the little things just as much as the big things in life. It’s only then that you truly understand the meaning of happiness.

So I am happiest when I am surrounded by nature, when the leaves on the trees are dancing, when the waves of the ocean are serenading, when the sky is blue, the breeze is warm and the touch of the water is soothing. This is when I am happiest. The feelings I get from this can never be duplicated with anything else. Likewise, I can say that I am happiest when I’m being held in the arms of the ones I love, May that be my mother, my romantic love, my best friend or anyone that matters to me dearly. That feeling is one of a kind. It is not possible to be described, only to be felt at that moment. I am at my happiest state when I’m holding a baby in my arms, when I’m being the nurturer that I was created to be. I am happiest when I help someone with anything being a small or big matter. Knowing that they are relieved or that they are in a better place because of a small thing I did, confirms I am fulfilling what I was meant to do. Many of the things that makes me happy are not in material form, but that’s just me.

Happiness is mere moments we get to live. Sometimes it takes seconds and sometimes longer. Happiness is not measured by time, nor can it be planned ahead of time. When you experience these moments of happiness, it is at the spur of the moment. Events happen, things are said and in a blink of an eye; you just know you are happy. You can’t help but smile from the heart. It all comes naturally, you don’t even think about it. It is when you close your eyes and depend on your other senses that you get to experience feelings on a deeper level. There is so much power in closing your eyes and feel people or things around you. You can touch, you can listen or you can stay still and just allow yourself to feel. You can also think about all your blessings and in that moment of being grateful, you will feel happy. You can even go back in time and remember something and before you know it, you are smiling and feeling the same feelings you did at that moment; once again you are happy, even if it’s a memory.

So it’s safe to say, happiness attacks you when you least expect it. Just as fast as it comes, just as fast as it goes. Happiness may not always stay around because you need to have a balance in your life. It is necessary for our growth to be deprived of constant happiness. We must experience pain so that we can appreciate happiness. If happiness was there always, we would take it for granted just like we do with everything else. So let’s be grateful that happiness gives us a break, and even more grateful that it returns when we need it the most. Now finish this sentence and allow yourself to feel: I am happiest when ……..

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