She – Poem BY: Rania F. E.

Her heart is full of secrets, Some may never be revealed
Her eyes are full of tears, Some may never dry
Her smile is full of words, Some may never be told
Her laugh is full of pain, Some may never heal
Her life is full of stories, Some may never seem real

She stands tall while she is broken inside
She dances in the rain like there is no one around
She sings she smiles she is living with no doubt
She pushes she climbs she is not going down without a fight

Here she is in the midst of despair she gives hope
Here she is in the midst of pain she gives happiness
Here she is in the midst of loneliness she gives love

This is the strength that we all hear about
This is the courage that we are reading about
In theory we all know what we can do
In life we all stumble but we must push through
You may fall down but you must get back up
For the clock keeps ticking, in a second your time is up


Rania F. E.

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