You have a choice

We all have choices to make. No one forces us to do anything we do not want to do. There is always a reason why we do certain things and why we don’t do other things. Every person is different. Everyone has a different need. What makes us happy, excited, disappointed, etc. all differs from one person to the next. So we all make different choices. We choose what we are comfortable with, even when it’s not for our own good. We choose what suits our needs for the moment and later we may choose another.  Still; it is up to each and everyone to make a choice.

As I say those words, I recall a statement I constantly hear at work. “Remember your customers all had a choice and they chose to be with us. So live up to their expectation, better yet, exceed them and wow them.” Meanwhile in the back of my head I’m finishing their sentence (So that we get more rich, more popular and be number one while you (the employee) get a … I won’t finish this thought because it won’t be pretty. Nonetheless, It’s annoying as hell every time I hear it. Although I do know it is a true statement but may be because I feel unappreciated and disappointed in the way I have been treated. So yeah, I could care less. I know it’s not the right attitude. I know it. But I just reached a point where I know this is not a healthy place for me to work. I need to leave. It’s time to go. I’m just sticking it out until I fulfill my goal and then I’m out of here.

I choose to walk away, the same way I chose to join. I always have a choice. Just like my customers do!! Right?!?! I’m tired of being treated with disrespect. I’m tired of the unfairness and favoritism. I’m tired of being a robot, saying and doing what I’m told and don’t I dare try to use my brain.  I’m tired of not being able to voice my opinion, dissatisfaction, or simply just being myself. Apparently being yourself these days works against you.  Speaking my mind will get me into trouble. So shutting my mouth is the best answer. I have lived in so much suppression that I reached a point in which I just don’t care anymore about the consequences if in fact, I did speak my mind. So I am putting up with all this by choice. I have something to gain and that’s why I deal with the terrible atmosphere. I choose to take the good with the bad. Until one day, the good will no longer keep me here and I free myself. The day will come. I know.

Moving on from my sad story, let me emphasize on the fact that we are constantly faced with making choices every day in our lives. Some may seem minuscule at the time, and some seem like the biggest decision of your life. From choosing what you are going to eat for lunch, to what you are going to wear, to what job to accept (point intended), to which house you buy, to which city to live in, all down to the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with and what name to choose for your first child.

Having said that, some decisions you cannot take lightly. You make a mistake, you rush into a decision, you make the wrong choice; you can fix it sometimes without any damage or with little harm. On the other hand, some decisions are either un-fixable or will leave you scarred forever. Moral of my point, think before you choose. Take the time to weigh in your options. Think of your worst case scenarios. Think of back up plans. Think of exit plans. By all means, believe the best will happen and be optimistic and hopeful. But never lose sight of the other possibilities. Things always can go wrong. And if you don’t calculate it properly and be prepared for a downfall, you got another thing coming for you my dear.

No one can predict everything. We all take chances. We all take risks with every decision we make. Nothing can be guaranteed in this life. Absolutely nothing. Be ready to make good choices as much as bad ones. Be sure you will rise every time you fall. Be smart to think before you act. Be hopeful that you will choose more wisely than foolishly. Most of all, take responsibility for every choice you make, even when you make the wrong one. Stand up tall and admit your mistakes. Move on, don’t dwell on the past and start making new choices, hopefully better ones. Just know, you always have a choice; in everything.

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