Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day when all mothers are being celebrated, appreciated and recognized. It’s a day where you can express your feelings of love and gratitude for who she is and the difference she made in your life. It is important to honour those women in your life that you feel a maternal bond with, as well as those who are a mother figure to you. Your maternal mother is not the only one to be honoured on that day. As a matter of fact, these gestures of appreciation that you do; can be done on any day.

I’m not sure why there are several Mother’s Day around the world. In some countries; Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21 however the majority of the world celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. To my surprise, as I researched the dates, I found out that there is at least one country celebrating Mother’s Day in every month of the calendar with no exception. It’s great that every country in the world recognizes motherhood and maybe it’s not so bad that it’s not just one day everywhere. That way, we are constantly reminded not to take our mothers for granted.

According to many sources, Mother’s Day in the USA was officially declared an international holiday in May 1908. And the celebrations continued on till this day. The second most celebrated day; March 21 is celebrated by the majority of Arab Countries. It was introduced in Egypt in the year 1956 and so the other Arab countries followed with the celebration until this day.

Regardless how it started and where and when, the most important thing is that we are celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s a great gesture to show gratitude and appreciation in any way we can. All Humans need recognition, a pat on the pack, a thumbs up, a thank you, something; anything. I can just imagine how a mother feels when she is told a simple word of: “thank you for being you”. I’m sure even happier when she gets surprised with presents and showered with so much love and attention. She deserves it. Our mothers deserve it. They work hard, they sacrifice, they feel our pain, they want only the best for us; they simply love us with no limit. But the most important thing a mother wants from her child is to give her TIME. That’s the best present you can ever give: your time with undivided attention.

Let’s make more of an effort to appreciate our mothers on any day in the year, not just on the official Mother’s Day. She doesn’t love us only in certain occasions, so why should we show her gratitude only one day of the year. Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother out there. You are AWESOME!!

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