What’s the point – Poem By: Rania F. E.

-What’s the point in opposing
When you can’t change a thing
-What’s the point in resenting
When it won’t fix what’s broken
-What’s the point in revenging
When it won’t bring back what’s lost
-What’s the point in panicking
When nothing happened yet

-What’s the point in loving
When it always hurts
-What’s the point in hating
When the moment has passed
-What’s the point in discussing
When the mind is made up
-What’s the point in fighting
When in the end no one wins

-What’s the point in regretting
When the damage is already done
-What’s the point in reminiscing
When nothing comes back
-What’s the point in confessing
When you pay the price for that
-What’s the point in Talking
When no one listens anyway.


Rania F. E.

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