Fake Intelligence

How intelligent are we? Or should I ask how intelligent we think we are? Some of us claim to be intelligent but when it comes down to it; our actions end up contradicting our words. And so I ask you today. How intelligent you think you are? And why? Do you know the difference between being smart and being intelligent? 

Let me start by stating what I understand towards the subject. Being smart refers to what you have learned in life and the time has come to test your knowledge on what you learned. Will you be able to apply this knowledge and make smart moves, smart decisions, smart choices; or not. Will you behave smartly? Will you speak smartly? Will you allow yourself to be smart in the way you live your life??

On the other hand, being intelligent refers to a characteristic you are either born with or not. You cannot learn to become intelligent. Intelligence is a measure of your capability of learning and applying what you learn. You cannot improve on being intelligent. It is simply existing within the individual himself and the key is whether we use our intelligence we are created with or choose to ignore it.

And so we can say we have become smarter with time. We uncovered a lot of mysteries. We reached to high level of understanding. We created and we conquered. We reached to the moon. We discovered planets. We continue to discover mysteries of our existence. We are in constant search for answers about life on earth and outside it. We are so obsessed with our past, our origin, our history. It is a subject that does not seem to get closure. We explored science and we used our knowledge to reach astounding conclusions about ourselves and our surroundings. We are scrutinized through our spirit and we uncovered a lot of secrets about our souls. We are in constant search, we are ever so intrigued to find the hidden, to explain the unexplainable and to uncover the unknown. We made great accomplishments to this day. We reached to a state of technology beyond our own expectations. We evolved, advanced and transcended in many aspects. The more we discover, the more powerful we get. The more we understand, the more cocky we become. The more powerful we become, the more dangerous we are. And so our intuitiveness and innate intelligence are taking us to a path, I can only see taking us to a point of no return.

That is why I refer to our intelligence as “fake”. Instead of using our intelligence to better humanity, we are using it to obtain more power, and in turn using that power to destruct and not to build. Look around you and you will see what I mean. We all have gifts we are born with. How many of us use it to make this a better place. The blessing of our knowledge and our smartness, where has it gotten us?  What good is it to reach the moon and the stars, what benefit is it to understand the mystery of life or how we originated. Look around and all you hear and see are people killing each other, unexplained wars between countries, fight over who has more oil and gold, the value of their currency and riches of the world. Who has the last say and who can influence who. You got children killed every minute by acts of war or by hunger. You got people homeless, jobless and even more hopeless. You got rapist, killers, robbers, terrorists roaming around free to commit more crimes, take people lives away in vain and hurt the innocent. While the police is busy arresting someone who didn’t pay their taxes and fining someone because their license plate is expired or running after a man who stole a piece of bread because he hasn’t eaten in two days.

We concern our minds and hearts with petty issues and forget the bigger ones. We allow the media to brain wash us with their corrupt theories and allow fear to enter our lives. We become what we hate and we do what we complain about from others. We judge and we act righteous. Meanwhile, we are nothing but cowards. Where is your intelligence? Where is your brain? What good is a university degree when you follow blindly just like everyone else? How do you stand out? You really think you are intelligent??? Prove it.


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