Where did this come from?

I start this post by sharing this quote:



When we look back at our lives, we notice how much things have changed. Some changes were to the better and some worse. We know that things don’t stay the same. We know this as we start to grow older. You grasp the real concept of change after you graduate from your last educational institution; whatever that might be for you. Life hits us with some reality check. We finally get it, things will never be the same again.

A part of us tries to hold on to the past, to the things that we were comfortable with, to the things that gave us feelings of happiness and a sense of security. We try to re-live our previous days at times, but we fail miserably. You cannot bring back what’s gone. You cannot re-live the past. Every moment that passes in our lives can never be duplicated or repeated. And that is a harsh reality for us to accept. Eventually, we do accept it but after a long battle with ourselves.

This brings me to my topic of discussion. It’s about how time changed everything. And as we go through the changes, we forget where certain views came from. Some views were lost along the way and its a shame. On the other hand, some views remain and it’s usually those that make no sense in the current time and we wonder: ‘where did this come from’ and ‘why are we following something just because’.

We question the origin of our rituals and habits. We question hoping to validate them. But sometimes, we get more confused as we realize we have been following blindly. This is the beginning of change. It all starts with a question. And the domino effect unravels.

From time to time, it is a good thing we question. It is a good thing we want to be aware of the whys, hows and wheres. Let’s dig in deeper a little more often. Let’s try to remove the blind fold and see what we need to see. Ultimately, change what needs to be changed. Ask yourself and don’t be afraid: ‘where did this come from?’

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