Stay Or Walk Away

Some questions we ask; there is no easy answer to. Sometimes it’s the answer we wish we didn’t know. The answers we find were in the question from the start. One thing for sure, you must seek what you are looking for. Whether the answer is good or not for you. And so Shakespeare asked one of the biggest questions of all time: “to be or not to be”. A question with many possible answers yet I know none. And today I ask a much simpler question: “Stay or walk away”. 

In hopes of finding an answer, I wonder how difficult it is to find one right answer. And to my understanding. There can never be just one answer. But only one is right for you.

Do I stay? Or do I walk away?  I find that I asked that question many times in my life. And even if I chose differently, each time; the outcome ends up leading to the same answer. The fact you asked the question from the start, is an answer by itself. When there is doubt, there is no peace. When there is no peace, there is always only one way you can go; that is to walk away.

Many times I decided to stay, but history repeats itself and at some point I end up walking away. Sometimes I stay longer than I should. But it’s in that timing that certain lessons must be learned. This makes me wonder, is that what we are ultimately meant to do. Is that part of our learning process.

Are we supposed to always walk away. I wonder how come others don’t have to do that all the time. Or maybe I don’t really know what’s going on. Behind close doors, everyone’s life maybe so different from what we see. Maybe these people are good at protecting their privacy. Maybe, their lessons to walk away has not come yet. So that brings me to another thought. Does that mean only chosen ones get to learn this lesson. Are those the ones who are ready for the next level of awareness. I wonder. Why some people end up always walking away from things in their lives that mean the most to them and it usually is the right answer.

I am reminded at this moment by a quote from the late Dr Wayne Dyer as he says: “when you have a choice between being right or being kind, always chose kind” and another one that probably explains my question about choosing to stay or to walk away.  “How do I know whether it is my ego or my higher spirit beckoning me at any given moment in life?” At any given moment, you are choosing between two pictures or evaluations of yourself. Your choices include the one offered by your soul, or higher self, which I think of as the voice of God, and the one offered by the ego, or your false idea of yourself. The answer to the question above is, “If it brings you a sense of peace, then it is your higher self at work.” ( – just say no to turmoil)

This explains why walking away or letting go ends up feeling more right over the long run. Because often, staying means continue to be in that state of turmoil. Waking away finds you the peace your higher self was searching for. Until you are faced with the same question again in a different time; different circumstances and the cycle continues.

There is nothing wrong in being confused.  There is nothing wrong with making the wrong choices.  It was all meant to be for you to learn the lesson you were meant to learn. So ask yourself if you need to when you need to: Stay or walk away?  The answer will come to you one way or another. Just have faith.

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