The teacher becomes the student and The student; teacher

Learning is part of life. Since we were born, we have been on a journey of learning. When we were kids, we learned that knowledge will only come if we went to school, obtained high degrees and worked hard to be the best. We thought learning stopped once you got your university degree. By then, you would know everything.

Then real life hits you and you come to realize, that learning doesn’t stop and that we never know everything. Moreover, life becomes your biggest teacher. Even more than books. Finally you understand what it means by being street smart versus book smart. 

Somewhere in your college or university days, you found out the difference in learning when you studied theory and when you had your practical. Things made more sense when you were hands on. As for theory, you study it today, you do your test tomorrow; it’s forgotten by the afternoon. 

Nevertheless, we needed the foundation. It was necessary to go to school to learn the basics. As for the rest, you learn as you go. You learn by living life. You learn by making mistakes. You learn by taking risks and taking chances. You learn by having relationships. You learn the best when you get out of your comfort zone and try the same thing you feared or never thought you would do. 

You discover yourself on this journey of learning. You get to know your limits and how far you can push yourself. You get to figure out what makes you happy. You meet people along the way that end up being your teachers. And one day, you find the roles have been reversed and you are now the teacher. You teach while never forgetting you will always be the student. The student of the best school ever; LIFE. 

How many times have you found yourself in a conversation with someone where you give advice, catching yourself saying the same words that were once said to you by someone else. And no it’s not a dejavu. This time you are on the other side. The side that sees things clearly, the one that has been there; done that. And it’s only because you went through it, that you are able to relate and try to help someone else. It’s the wheel of fortune that goes round and round. One day it is for you and one day it is on you. 

More interesting, the world goes round and round and one day you find yourself giving advice to the person you looked up to. The one who always seemed to have the answer. The one who looked confident and wise. The one who supposedly have more experience than you. But here is the interesting thing. No matter how much experience you got under your belt, no matter what you believe life taught you; there will always be something you have yet to experience. And there will always be the possibility that someone other than you, had gone through that experience and is now more knowledgable, and it’s your turn to listen and take some notes. 

In the end, learning is a choice. No one can force you to learn anything. If you are not ready to receive and you are not willing to make the effort, you will never learn. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not ready. Allow time to teach you. You will learn eventually. Allow yourself to be the student. And again when you are ready, you will be the teacher. 

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