How beautiful it is to just watch the children play around. Their behavior and the way they interact with each other is super interesting. It’s funny to watch actually. Sometimes it’s disappointing. But at times a pleasure. You know who was raised properly. You know who is properly educated. And you know who is spoiled.

I don’t like to judge the parents because I am not one yet. However I have been involved with children all my life and in my line of work as well as personally being involved in the upbringing of children of my family and friends. I do understand how difficult it is. In fact it is one of the most difficult jobs you can ever do. Raising a child in this century is quite a challenge.

Having said that, I do believe that is a responsibility that not everyone is capable of handling. Sometimes I wonder if everyone was cut out to be a parent. Perhaps those who can should have children. Otherwise, don’t. Then again, you don’t always know. You find out after the fact.

Children nowadays seem to be smarter for some reason. The things they are capable of doing at a young age may truly surprise you. The way they speak; you wonder how old they really are! I don’t deny that the technology world we live in has a great influence on the children’s intellectual level. It may even help them excel in their school and get further in their careers. However I do believe everything needs to be balanced. Too much of technology is not good.

And even though you might think it’s so cute, let me assure you, it won’t be a cute life later. You now have toddlers using a smartphone and tablets. Never mind the ones who are in school using it as part of their daily routine. Almost like adults. And we think it’s cute. Or wow, this kid is so smart. Where in fact, you are contributing to the biggest crime of this world; depriving a child from being a child and living normal childhood days. They end up growing up too fast. And long story short, see how they behave when they are in their 20’s and 30’s. Let alone how it affects them when they get married. Childhood will be lived one day or another, so why let it happen as adults where the stakes are much higher. Enough said.

That’s not even talking about the health factors for being exposed to radiation and the effects this may have on their brains as they are still developing. Studies have shown that every piece of device even when off affects your body and nervous system. Read about it if you don’t believe me. Not that I believe everything that is said or written, but some things just make common sense. Even though I might not be part of the studies that take place about the usage of smartphones and digital devices, it does not need a scientist to figure out that radiation from those devices will cause damage to your health.

According to many studies; it was concluded that just as much there are good effects of tablets and smartphones on kids, there is also bad effects.

Anyway, that’s the way I see it. As I observe children. And as I listen to parents’ reasoning of their style of parenting. I can draw my conclusion and say that children should never be robbed from playing and running around and being silly. They should be given these smart devices and video games after a certain age with parental control and with moderation. Children need to understand the importance of living each stage of their lives. And this can not be accomplished unless parents see this. Parents to be parents again. And children to live their childhood. That’s all I’m saying.


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