Too much is No good

I’m sure most of us heard of the saying: that too much of anything is not good. Finding the balance has always been our challenge.  How often have you found yourself in a situation when too much was happening. The result is you get overwhelmed. At times make mistakes and have poor judgment. Other times get hurt and disappointed. That’s because too much or too little is no good for us. The key is to find the balance. 

I can’t help but remember a special song by the famous and talented Queen.

“Too much love will kill you”  This song goes way back, but still has a spark today.


“Too much love will kill you

Just as sure as none at all

It’ll drain the power that’s in you

Make you plead and scream and crawl

And the pain will make you crazy

You’re the victim of your crime

Too much love will kill you

Every time”

I have fallen in the trap of too much myself. I have loved too much. I have trusted too much. I have given too much. And as a result; I have been hurt too much and I was taken advantage of.  At first I blamed those who wronged me. But somewhere along my journey, I learned this important lesson. A lesson that no book can teach you. A lesson that is only learned by first-hand experience. You can love and you can trust and give of yourself, but choose who to do this for in life. Yes, you can’t know right away who will appreciate you and who will step on you. But you kinda know. You have to listen to your instincts. And you have to see the signs. Giving excuses to those who continually hurt you, is your fault. You cannot be the victim if you are the one allowing others to hurt you and use you for your kindness and warmth.

You need to remember, everyone deserves to be loved, but not everyone will love you. Or appreciate you for that matter. You will be taken for granted by some people. And to your surprise, they don’t behave that way with everyone. They will show appreciation and loyalty to other people, who in comparison, probably never gave them what you did. It’s funny isn’t it. But that’s okay. Because giving and loving is a part of you. You do what you can to whoever appreciates it. Otherwise, save it for those who will know your value. Don’t waste your love away. And don’t allow yourself to be robbed of your best.

Let’s not forget, we also think too much and make mountains of a piece of rock. Sometimes we just have to calm down and let things work itself out. And understand that we can only do so much. If you do your best, then that’s all you can do. Thinking too much won’t fix anything. And not thinking at all won’t get things done by themselves either. So find the balance as much as you can.

Then we have our too much habits, let’s try to work on bringing it down a notch. No need to cut it off completely unless you choose to, you are ready for it and of course of benefit to you. We eat too much, we drink too much sodas and alcohol. We smoke too much. We put too much sugar and too much salt. We are either lazy and don’t do anything or we are super active and don’t take a break until we collapse. We want too much in life and we forget to be grateful for what we do have. We fight too much over stupid things until we realize, what were we fighting for anyway. But by then it’s too late because that person is gone.

We either work too much or not work enough. We either have so much money we don’t know what to do with it or have no money and can’t even live. Some have three or four cars in their household while some never owned one. Some have traveled the world while some never stepped foot outside their town.

Too much extremes in the world today. Too much is going on in our day-to-day life. Too much sad news. Too much disasters. Too much accidents. Sadly, we never heard of too much happiness, too much peace, too much love in the world. The negativity surrounds us and it’s too much to handle. So how can we fight this sadness. How can we improve and find that middle. It takes each individual to make an effort, to start by themselves. If we keep waiting for the other person to start, we will not improve. Sadly, this is what’s happening. Too much fear, too much greed, too much selfishness. Too much: Why me? Not until we change that, we will have love, peace and happiness without too much of anything.

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