Who Am I?

Who am I is a question you ask yourself when life has thrown things at you from all angles. You find yourself being, doing and saying things you never thought you would. You wonder who am I becoming. This is not me. Eventually you will realize that even those sudden changes you had to go through were somehow for your benefit. Maybe this was a lesson that you had to learn the hard way. Maybe this was your destiny to go down that road. Who am I is actually a good question to ask yourself every once in a while. 

Questioning yourself in its entirety is not a bad thing. However if you start questioning everything you ever known and ever did then maybe you are going too far. And you might just be losing yourself in the process of understanding yourself. If that makes any sense.

The key here is to question and to be honest with yourself. You question, keeping in mind that it is okay to change. You will know deep down in your heart whether you are changing to the better or worse. You may catch yourself doing things that you regret later. It’s not okay you did it. But it is good you recognized it and learned not to do it again. Although unfortunately, life puts you in situations where you may repeat the exact things you know are not the best things to do. But as usual we justify things to ourselves all the time.

The important thing is when you are questioning your actions and behaviors; is to be objective rather than emotional. It’s easy to get caught up with emotions. And yes it is hard to separate your heart from your mind. But you have to try anyway. And not only that, but you must find the balance between both. Feel things but think them through. Ask yourself if it makes sense and then listen to your gut feeling. Your instincts are always right. Just make sure to follow the true instincts not the influenced ones.

Finally let me say that this “who am I question” is such a powerful thought. It will shake you to your bones. And it will define you once again. If you feel lost, you will be found. More like; you will find yourself again. So go ahead, ask away. And don’t be afraid of what you may find out. It is all for your benefit and your self-growth.  Believe in that.

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