There is no other way I can describe Obsession, than being a disease; a vicious one at that. How does one get infected and is there a cure. Can someone one day realize that they are far gone in this disease and get help. Honestly, I think it’s hard. It’s like being OCD, one is never born as such. You develop it with time and it can worsen with age if you are not too careful and keep it under control. So can becoming obsessed, it is developed with time and it can definitely get worse. 

At least with OCD, from my experience and observations, it usually affects the person themselves battling this symptom. It gets excessive yes, but it does not harm other individuals. It may annoy others, but harming, no. The whole meaning of being OCD is being extremely careful because of fear of bad things happening. However when you become obsessed with something or someone, not only that you hurt yourself, but there is great potential in hurting others. 

So how do you become obsessed from the first place. How does things get so bad in your mind that you become like this. For sure, fear is one of the causes. We all have fears, but some people just take it on another level.  This leads to paranoia at times. Other causes may have to do with emotional complexes from the past, for example: abandonment issues, abuse with all its types, bullying, insecurities, etc. At some point in your life you must have experienced pain of some sort whether emotional, mental or physical and perhaps you were not able to handle it and so your defense mechanism turns you into a psycho. You may seek revenge against anyone and you will become offensive rather than your typical defensive self. It may be your way of protecting yourself; or so you think. 

I don’t like to believe that humans are just naturally evil. I refuse to accept that. I believe we are all good and something snaps inside of us and we switch to the other side. And once the evil had taken over you and you experience its deliciousness, you go back for more and each time you go one level up. You have totally lost yourself and you have totally gone mental and may God help you go back to the human you were meant to be. 

The behavior of a mentally unstable person may shock you at times. May I add, the lengths that they may go to in order to fulfill their evilness is unbelievable. You wonder if they are from the same planet as you. How did they become so devious, you might ask. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer. I’m in shock myself. But I’m not surprised.  And I don’t want to give them excuses as to why they ended up like this. 

However, in my attempt to be rational, I can understand how someone can lose it completely and become super obsessed. Life isn’t easy, it throws many challenges our way. We are tested everyday. Some of us snap and fail. Some hold on with their dear life and they are barely passing through. While some have much stronger spirits and can handle the blows to the head and remain standing. We are all different. And our capacity to handle things are different. And most of all our needs and desires are different. Therefore, we will not all break down. And we will not all yield to evilness. I won’t even go as far as your religion beliefs (if any) or your upbringing or social status, because they are all irrelevant. You are who you choose to be PERIOD. You can choose to be Good or Bad. No one forces you. 

The moment you intentionally start doing things to hurt another person in any way, you have officially become inhuman. Regardless of your reasons and the causes that lead you to this point. You have chosen to go down the wrong path. You are well aware what you are doing. Everyday you wake up, you have an opportunity to change, get help, and get over your demons. And everyday you could be thankful for the life that God has given you. But you wake up every morning, and choose to continue in your wrong doing. You choose to foster hatred and envy and jealousy. You choose to live in anger and resentment while you seek out hurting other people with no remorse. You are not a victim. You are the one who brought this on yourself by your own will. 

If you are reading this, and you are getting angry at what you are reading, then it’s probably because you are one of those people. You. Yes you. You are obsessed. You have a disease. And you must admit it to yourself before getting any better. If you are getting more angry; then I think you are so far gone in your disease and all I can do for you is pray that God will help you somehow. I am not sorry for what I said because it’s the truth. And I will not be afraid to tell the truth even if it hurts. I say all this with pure intentions to make you see things as they are. Now the choice is yours. GET HELP or GET WORSE. You choose. 

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