The Calm before the Storm

Do you ever notice that in your life, you have those times where everything seems to be going somewhat normal. Life is just going by, day by day, it’s the same old story. People ask you how is it going, your answer is the same. It’s good, all is good. And then, out of no where, the calmness ends suddenly and the storm hits. And you understand the term, when it rains, it pours. 

You understand it because you end up living it. The calm before the storm, the rain and the thunder shakes your life and you are left searching for shelter.

So what does this all mean. It’s simple. It’s time for your next lesson in life. Things don’t stay the same for too long or else, you will not grow. The only way to grow is to go through the tough times. It is to deal with the rain. At times, you will manage to stay dry; other times you will get wet. And when the lightning and thunder hits hard, these are your toughest times. You will get pushed to your limit. You may fall down on your knees. Until you ask for help from your Creator and Savior. He is listening and he is watching, and he is allowing you to go through that for your own good. So don’t lose faith. You are not alone.

But the thunder was really necessary. And you know the storm won’t last forever. It too shall pass. And the sun will rise again tomorrow. A new day will come and it will dry up all your tears. You will heal once again and things will eventually get calm. Until the next storm hits you and this time you are prepared, because you know it will pass. You just have to ride it out like you did all the other times. And each time you pass through a different storm, you learn a different way to live with it. At times you hide, at times you face it head on. And no matter what you do, you will come out of it stronger, ready to face the next one. Because by now, you expect the storm. And most of all you gained experience in dealing with it.

So don’t be scared when the storm hits. At least you know what you are dealing with. It is the calm you should worry from, because that’s when you don’t know what’s coming next.

One thing you shouldn’t do is live in fear of the next storm. The storm will come whether you want it or not. So accept it as part of life. You don’t need to live in anticipation for the storm because why would you want to suffer twice. Let it be. Live your life to the fullest until that day comes, then deal with it.

And yes, sometimes you don’t get a chance to recover from one storm then you get hit by multiple storms back to back. You may feel it’s too much to handle. And sometimes it truly is. But don’t despair, you are stronger than you think. And don’t forget there are angels looking out for you in every step.

What can I say, I enjoy my calm as much as I can, because when my storms hit, they are catastrophic and dramatically life changing. I guess I’m used to it by now. To a degree of course. Nonetheless, I’m ready for the storm. Let it hit me. Let it show me what I am made of. Because no storm will break me. No matter what the cost may be. I am much stronger than that.


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