Is it Strength or Is it Weakness 

Many times we are faced with situations in our lives where we have to make detrimental decisions; decisions that will alter the path we are on. We may be aware of their importance while going through them. Other times, we realize their importance later, possibly after the fact. Maybe we do it on purpose; not making things a big deal. And maybe we are aware and we feel every emotion that comes our way. Regardless if you were aware or not, we had to make those choices. We should ask ourselves, did we make the easy choice or the tough one. Did we choose out of our own strengths or our own weakness. At times, it’s hard to tell and we are confused with our choices until one day, we understand why we did what we did and what was the motivation behind it; strength or weakness.

Was it strength or weakness when you decided to stay in a relationship after finding out you have been cheated on? Was it forgiveness you practiced? Was it smart on your part to weigh the good and the bad and in that moment you made the choice to save the whole thing. Or was it stupidity on your part because you accepted the one thing that should have broken you apart. And now you are in a position where if you truly can forgive, then you must let it go and move on. Was it weakness on your part because you couldn’t walk out that door and put this all behind you. Were you justified to do that? Was it your love that made you stay? Or was it your fear of being alone? Was it your inner strength that pushed you to fight for what matters to you or was it your uncertainty if you left. Which one was it? Do you know? And if you didn’t know then because it was too much to handle on the spot, do you know now? Do you even bother yourself to wonder about the decision you made? Do you regret it? Or are you more certain today that you did the right thing?  Was it your strength or was it your weakness. Ask yourself.

Was it strength or weakness when you stood there quietly as a family member/colleague/ friend; insulted you, judged you and talked badly about you in front of others. You took the abuse and didn’t try to defend yourself. You walked away and didn’t try to correct the wrong things said. You knew they were wrong but you didn’t clear your name. You didn’t talk back and you didn’t make a scene. You just walked away. Were you acting out of strength at that moment. Was it because you knew it was a wrong judgement that you didn’t feel the need to retaliate. Was your silence out of respect or out of hopelessness. Was it your own weakness pulling you back and stopping you from speaking the truth. Or perhaps you just didn’t care what others thought of you and whoever chooses to believe the lies then so be it. Which one was it? Was it your utmost faith that made you walk away or was it your overpowering defeat that made you run away. Was it your strength or was it your weakness. Ask yourself.

Is it strength or is it weakness when someone hurts you and you forgive them anyway. Do you listen to your own voice more or others around you. Which opinion matters the most? Yours or theirs? Which is more important to you: to be right all the time or to have peace? Do you believe that whatever you choose, you will never lose? Do you understand that in every choice there is a lesson for you. Do you finally realize that strength and weakness go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other. In fact they complement each other.

In every decision made with strength there is a weakness. And in every weak decision made; there is a point of strength. So you see, you can’t have one without the other. They are both just as important. And they are both qualities we live with. And the sooner we accept our weaknesses, the more strength we will have. So when you ask yourself was it strength or was it weakness; remember you will find both, just don’t close your eyes to neither of them.


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