Is your job boring?

Seriously, some people’s jobs are super boring. No matter which way you look at it. No matter how much you try to spin it. It’s BOOOOORING!!! Shoot me now, kinda feeling. But what can you do to prevent yourself from going crazy. How will you entertain yourself-for lack of a better term. 

You wanna know what’s boring: any job that does not require you to use your mind and follow instructions given to you like a robot. You know what’s more boring, where there is no interaction with people. Like a factory worker in an assembly line of whatever product. Just moving objects around all day long. How about packaging people. How about delivery people. Well, there maybe interaction with people there.

Then there are those jobs that are boring but require physical activities like movers. Don’t you feel sorry for them. It’s what they do to make money to live. But what about their backs. I mean. God help them.

Then you got jobs that are boring but has a bit of a risk factor. A security guard for example; depends on where and what they are securing. Securing a residential building where you sit infront of a monitor and watching people come and people go. You might make friends with some people and you might have a few conversations but what about working through the night, struggling to stay awake because our bodies were meant to sleep at night. On the other hand, if you are part of a security team for a bank or government building or the president himself. Then I don’t think boredom is going to hit you much. The place of work brings free entertainment to you. But on a serious note, this job can be life threatening at times. Boring at times yes, but can turn serious in a matter of seconds.

And what about the gas station attendant whom every few minutes is injecting a different vehicle with fuel and the poor guy is so bored he offers to clean your dirty windows (which you normally say No to). And then ofcourse there is the Cashier who stands at the counter and his job is not only to take your payment for your gas but also to upsell you on all the expensive unnecessary items in the convenient store attached to the gas station, most of the times, part of a big franchise.

Ever see that luggage wrapping kiosk in the airport. Ever wondered about that guy who all day wraps one luggage after the next. All he does is lift the luggage, turn it all around in this machine while some neon colour wrap engulfs this suitcase. He takes your money and off you go; Next. Or no next, he just stands there waiting for the next victim to wrap this hideous neon wrapping. What a job.

Let’s not forget the truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers. The task at hand is boring and tiring while being important at the same time. You are either carrying valuable items or valuable souls. Any driver who transports people has an enormous responsibility on their shoulder. Dealing with people’s lives is no joke. Driving can be challenging and dangerous at times. You need to have many skills for this kind of job. Although it may seem a simple one. Just push the gas pedal and go. Not really. You need to have patience on the road. Traffic will hit at one point or another. You need to be cool but also you need to be able to think on the spot to change the route or take short cuts. With that being said, nerves must be under control, temper in check; otherwise there will be a lot of beeping, name calling, finger pointing and at times aggressive maneuvers to go around other drivers who get on your nerves. Sometimes it can reach to fist fighting or vehicle smashing. Road rage. Dangerous.

In addition to being a responsible driver, before you turn on that engine, be sure, you have enough rest; because driving while asleep or exhausted or emotional or drunk is a recipe for disaster. Even more, a death certificate for you and others. The job may be easy but you need to be alert and never to underestimate the things that you might be faced with. You must be able to think on your feet and act without hesitation. You must have confidence in yourself and in your decision making. You are behind the wheels, you make the decisions instantaneously. Which makes me wonder, how in the world some people got their driver’s license. Some drivers should be off the road. Seriously.

I can go and on about different kinds of boring jobs while some risky and some robotic. The point is, you know what kind of job you have. Whether you are in it by choice or you feel trapped into it, you can try to make your days better. Instead of feeling miserable all the times. If you cannot change it now, then change the way you look at it. Yes, it might be boring. But who stopped you from making it exciting within your work place guidelines. Even if it’s in your head. Sing if you can, smile if you can, imagine stories in your mind, talk more with people if you can. The key here is to get creative. And only you know what you can do. So start making your job un-boring, fun it up. Yes you can. See, you smiled already.

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