Where is your focus?

I ask where is your focus. Do you even know? At times you think you are so sure of where you are heading. You think you got your priorities in order. You know what needs to be done and follow some sort of a plan. Then a series of events take place and you are thrown of course for a while. you get distracted and suddenly you find yourself all lost and confused. Where were you going again? And why? And how?  All kinds of questions arise and you realize that you were never really focused. You were all over the place from the start. And the circumstances simply woke you up and helped you see the reality that you were blinded to. 

Many people are living without a focus. Many are lost. Some think they are going with the flow and some are constantly going against their flow knowingly or unknowingly. Some are living with no purpose; just living because they found themselves here. While some are digging for answers trying to understand why they are here and what must they do with the life given to them. 

Whether you believe in a higher purpose to your life or not. It is happening anyway. The events that take place are going to change your life nevertheless. You can deny it all you want. You can pretend you are in control of everything. Go ahead, keep believing that. One day you might see the truth; and you may die and never know. Whatever it may be, wouldn’t you rather have some focus in your life while you have it. Ask yourself. What is it that you want. And go after it. Don’t get distracted from all the noise that’s happening around you. 

The noise will never stop. It is you who have to stop and press the pause button and review your life from beginning. Watch it like a movie. See where you went wrong, what could you do better in the future. How would you like to feel from this moment on. And act upon those thoughts and feelings. Make changes if you need to, even if they are hard. But make sure you are able to live with whatever decision you take. Because there is no going back. But also, you can’t sit still. And you definitely can’t go back. Look ahead and move forward. Get focused on you once again. Or maybe you never did until this moment. So isn’t it time??

There is nothing wrong in doing things for others, especially those you love. Sometimes you are there for people you don’t even know. Perhaps it’s your calling. And that’s all wonderful. Don’t stop the goodness in you. But don’t forget you have to focus on yourself from time to time because in life, we get sidetracked and we lose ourselves in the process of being there for others. Till you stop and wonder ‘who am I?’ And ‘what do I want?’  

It is never too late to find your focus. You just need to make the commitment to do it. And the rest will follow. Take the first step and focus. 

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