I Know I AM

Just because I have shown my strength doesn’t mean I can’t have moments of weakness. Just because I am showing resilience doesn’t mean I can’t fall apart sometimes. Who said you can’t have both at the same time. Who said there was a wrong or right for being weak or losing your balance for a while. It’s totally fine.

Many times I heard this sentence: “I thought your were strong”. Well, you thought right my friend. I never claimed not to be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fall. Being strong is like having a puzzle inside you that’s welded together nice and tight. Sometimes when you get shaken to the core, some pieces fall out of place and it is in those moments where you lose the balance. But it’s only temporary because eventually the pieces find their way back together. The invisible magnetic force is there. At times the piece bond stronger than before; other times, a bit loose, susceptible to a future breakdown.

Nevertheless, those moments where you experience some type of weakness, are not meant to break you, on the contrary; they are there to teach you. You learn with every fall how resilient you truly are. And you also learn not to be overconfident. Some moments humble you more than being strong all the time. Your falling apart moments reshape you and fix your previous imperfections; or so you think. Actually you learn, with many falls; that you were always perfect, just the way you are at every present moment.

The here and now is your strength. And the here and now is also your weakness. One can’t exist without the other. Much like good and evil. How would you ever know the difference if you didn’t experience both. Then again, you know how you feel when you are at your utmost point of strength or weakness for that matter.

The point is, don’t let others’ opinion of finding your way back to strength as a negative thing. Your moments of strength are just as important as your moments of weakness. They are both guiding you. They are both teaching you. And they are both a part of you. So embrace them.

The next time someone tells me:” I thought you were strong”. My reply will be: “I know I am”. In the end, no one can shake me from my own foundation. No one’s opinion will change who I am. Because I am … period…. who I am. A soul living out a human experience. Along with it, comes all the emotions. Comes all the thoughts and feelings. So I will live them – fully – as they come. If I want to cry, I will. That does not make me weak. It makes me – ME.


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