Is it wrong to desire? Desiring can be for many things including but not limited to: food, sex, finest materials (clothes, shoes, cars, houses … Etc). Is there a fine line we reach when our desires turn into obsessions? Is there a good desire and a bad desire?  Who decides?? Let’s think. Let’s start by understanding what is a desire. It is when you want something so badly that you can’t stop thinking about it. And in some occasions won’t stop at nothing until you obtain it. From afar it may seem like an obsession if not controlled. But let’s not confuse determination with obsession. You will know the difference as you live those moments.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming and wanting things in life. You may be desiring a better life for yourself. Or you may be desiring a better job. Or you may be desiring a person that you want to live your life with. You can also be desiring the new phone that was just released and you can be desiring that restaurant that just opened last week and everyone is talking about. And you can be desiring to get some alone time and to get to know yourself better. And yes, how would it feel to have those shoes you saw in the store the other day and that purse to match it. And this dress that is so made for you except for the price tag. Nothing stops you from dreaming about having those things. You think about them day and night. You make your calculations and hope there will be a way you can obtain what you desire.

What a variety of desires. Some are good for you while some can destroy you. Some have deep meaning to your existence. While some are simply for your entertainment or pleasure. Some desires end up on your list just because you want to copy other people. You never even thought of those things before but now it’s the trend, so why not. Other desires end up on your list to prove to yourself your sense of accomplishment. But some desires are there as temptations and a distraction from your real purpose in life. And so you get sucked in and end up in a circle of wants, needs and desires. The circle of always wanting more and always wanting better. It’s never enough what you have. As a matter of fact, you don’t even see what you have.

And so, the way I see it; while there is nothing wrong in having desires, it is imperative to choose those desires wisely. Nothing wrong in dreaming and wanting to become better. But never lose sight of what you have and remember to be grateful. And don’t let chasing of your dreams take you away from the path of self-growth. That is what you need to Desire the most. And watch as your other desires fall into place. However if you focus all your energy and time on fulfilling meaningless desires, be ware that you might just lose yourself in the process.

So to answer my original thoughts. There is nothing wrong in desiring. It’s how far we take it that will make the difference. And no one has the right to judge your desires. You are your own judge and jury. As you live your desires, only you will reap what you sow

2 comments on “Desires

  1. ” And no one has the right to judge your desires. You are your own judge and jury. As you live your desires, only you will reap what you sow”

    Hmmm. No, we have to disagree here. If one’s desires are harmful to others, then these can be judged. Let’s not go down the path where “everything is relative:”. There are moral absolutes.


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