The wait is over

So you plan for something and it seems like there is lots of time until the moment you have waited for. There is anticipation, anxiety and some expectation.  But nothing happens the way you imagine it. Events unfold in ways you never thought it could. You wait and you wait and sometimes you think there is still lots of time to do this and say that. Little did you know, time is passing while you are not paying attention. It’s actually faster than you thought. The moment comes and the moment goes. You only realize it after it had passed. And the wait is finally over.

How did the time go by so fast? How is it possible that just not too long ago your life was heading in one direction. And now between one day and one night it’s going another direction. Although while waiting for the changes whether wanted or unwanted, time seemed to be going slow. Only towards the end, it seemed like time was flying and you wish you can put it on hold for just a while. But you can’t. Because everything is in motion. Starting from the decision-making process to the execution to the after effect. What a process.

In the end, the waiting period ends. And Life does go on. It maybe be hard to accept that the change has in fact taken place. And it all seems like a dream. Did that really happen? You wonder! But which one is the dream and which the reality? Your life yesterday or your life today? And you wonder if you go to sleep, what will it be tomorrow?

Time can be our friend and at the same time our enemy. It passes by so slow at times and so fast at other times. But it always seems to do the exact opposite of what you want at the moment. Why is that? Maybe we put too much emphasis on time. And maybe this has nothing to do with time. It’s all in our mind. Our thoughts and feelings are more powerful than we can ever imagine.

The wait is over. The moment is here. Life is in motion. Events are taking place. Things are happening. It’s moving forward. Never backwards. The wait is really over.

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