Types of people

I have read a few articles on the different kinds of people in the world. Some were written from the angle of psychology while some relating to zodiac signs. Some articles discuss types of people based on social status and business related comparisons. Some say there are 9 types of people while some say there are 5 and others say there are 3. Numbers are being thrown around as a title to their articles to prove their thesis or point of view based on their expertise. But here I am, without any studies or statistics or throwing around numbers, just want to describe a few types of people I have observed in my lifetime. Simply my opinion in my personal interactions in life and my take on classifying people in general.

As I go through life, I come across different personalities, people from various cultures, race and religion. And without being specific towards any classification, I have noticed a few types of people and observed their behavior.

You got those who are the centre of attention. Everything revolves around them. They are the life of the party. They like to be around people all the time. They like to feel important. They love life and laughter is dominant in their day-to-day life for the most part. But behind close doors, you may not recognize them. They may be sad or they may be too quiet it scares you. They tend to hide all their pain inside their hearts. They ignore it and at times pretend that everything is just fine. They believe things will work out by itself therefore, no need to worry.

So here you have someone who seems happy on the outside but sad on the inside. But they prefer it that way. That’s their personality and that’s the only way they know how to be. And rightfully so.

Then you have those quiet ones. The ones that seem shy and timid. The ones whom you may get a smile from every once in a while. They sit there in the corner watching and listening but not contributing much and not initiating anything whether in action or in conversation. You have to be the one to approach them. You have to invite them to join the conversation or the action for that matter. And to your surprise, they may say some of the most wise things and they may be the most knowledgeable. They may be the first to finish a game and they may be the one to make everyone silent in a room.

They may have that power that otherwise would go unnoticed and recognized; simply because they don’t brag and they don’t like the attention and perhaps a little introverted. That’s their personality but there is so much more to them than this shyness. You would be surprised.

Let’s not forget about the one who has all the answers. The know it alls. The ones that put their nose in everything and always giving their two cents without being asked. They can be annoying at times and entertaining at other times. They may have a great deal of knowledge and experience. And they may in fact have some great ideas. As a matter of fact, they can be a great help sometimes. Only if they changed their ways – just a tad. Only if they understood that sometimes, their advice is unwanted. Furthermore, their timing is all wrong.

Their intention may be good, but they just ruin it by their method of forcing their opinion on everyone and for everything. Is there anything you don’t know? Seriously!? And did I even ask your opinion? I don’t remember doing that.

A lot more personalities exist and a lot more differences too. We are all different. We behave differently. Partly because of our personality traits that we are born with and partly learned behaviors and skills. We get them throughout our lifetime. They can be based on good foundation or not so good foundation. It depends on our experiences and how life treats us. It depends on the families in which we grow up, that’s if we had any.

Life teaches us as it throws us around. We get shaped by many factors we face. And we become who we are. Circumstances happen. Things go wrong and sometimes we are left to fend for our life. We get raised in dysfunctional families at times. We end up dramatized from various events we face. All these and more can and will happen to us. The question is: do we stay the same? Do we accept that this is who we are? Is this why we came to life? I say: NO. We get to choose who we want to be when our eyes open and our mind is fully aware. We can change ourselves if we really want to. We can correct our misbehavior. We can better ourselves. It is all possible; if you want to.

So no point in classifying yourself in one group of a personality type or title. You may have all or none of those descriptions. You ARE all of them in ONE. And you are NONE of them at the same time. There are different types of people. It is true. They are out there. I am one of them. But I am not to be classified under any category. Because I am unique. And so are you. Don’t let anyone classify you or make you belong to a group with a title. You are much better than that.

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